Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sharia in Dearborn

This American City is Now FULLY Under Sharia Law –

EVERYONE Needs to See This. After eight years of Obama’s globalist policies, our country is now exposed to radical Islam. Globalism is destroying our great nation.
The radical Islamic legal system known as Sharia Law is already spreading into our nation. 

In Dearborn, Michigan, the Islamic community practices Sharia lawWow, what is happening to our country?

The mainstream media likes to ignore Sharia Law. They just don’t think it’s an issue because it doesn’t affect them — but, for thousands of Americans, it is now a constant threat.

Remember, patriots, Sharia Law has extreme consequences for minor crimes. There is one example of a person’s hand being cut off for petty theft. This is not American law.

It is unbelievable that the mainstream media doesn’t tackle the issue. The liberal belief of “tolerance” at all costs puts many Americans at risk because Sharia law is such a contrast to American law. We are governed by the Constitution, not by a false Islamic text.

The Left tolerates this bizarre legal system, but they don’t tolerate Christian principles, which is just sad. The Obama era has eroded traditional American values, and this is saddening to many conservatives.

Liberals hate Christianity because many Christians are conservative. The Left likes to pretend that they accept everyone, but they don’t accept conservatives. The hypocrisy is disturbing.

The mainstream media spreads leftist nonsense on a daily basis, which is why we never hear about Sharia Law invading our communities. The spread of Sharia law doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s globalist narrative.

Thank goodness we elected Donald Trump to protect our borders from the spread of radical ideologies and illegal immigrants. This drives the Left up a wall. They cannot understand why millions of Americans are against globalism.

Dear liberals, we want stronger borders. We don’t want to accept people into our country who are not here legally or are bringing harmful ideologies with them. We should only be letting people into our country who love our country.

The Left hates America, so I don’t understand why they don’t pack up their things and leave. The Left would rather suck up benefits and allow strangers into our nation than engage in tougher vetting. Liberals hate confrontation, unless it is rioting in the streets like spoiled children.

The protest culture in this country has gotten out of hand. We need to push back against this toxic anti-American rhetoric. We need to teach our children that America is a great country, and that if you love America, you can succeed in America.

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