Saturday, May 20, 2017

The FBI is not infallible

Every time a Republican member of Congress gets on TV and gushes about how important the Trump investigation is and how they are anxious to get the facts about the case are legitimizing and elevating this low priority investigation.

Political correctness is at the root of this sanctimonious behavior. It doesn’t ring true. It looks like the Republicans are giving the Democrats cover.  They need to refer to this as part of the Democrat Alinsky attack on Trump and their legislative agenda to restore the economy.

Republicans should drop their club membership in the Deep State. They should know that the FBI will be rooting through the paper trail to find evidence of a crime if they can find any. Republicans should know that evidence can be spun and the FBI will eventually deliver a report that includes the documents and their spin on what the documents mean.

We know that investigators try to develop a scenario to explain the evidence and put a case together that a grand jury would hear if they recommend prosecution. The investigators are never unbiased.

Constant fawning by Republicans about the absolute fairness and infallibility of the FBI investigators prematurely legitimizes the case investigators are sure to concoct.

No amount of fawning over the infallibility of this FBI investigation changes the fact that the American people have consistently found fault in every set of conclusions reached by government investigators and commissions.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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