Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Department of Redundancy Department

We are likely to have multiple committees in the House and Senate continuing to keep the Alinsky blitzkrieg going on the Russian election interference question, even though the silent FBI will be the only ones who are digging for evidence while congress trolls for conjecture. All of this is imposed on you by the Department of Redundancy Department, but there is no evidence and no case.

Congress is divided on the question about continuing the witch-hunt by Congressional committees now that a Special Counsel will be conducting his own witch-hunt and will have all the resources we and time we should devote to beating this dead horse. We have redundancy in a system that requires no redundancy.

Even our bloated court system only has one prosecutor and one defense attorney.  If you want two opinions, all you need are two different lawyers.  This is nuts.  Congress will continue to be the mouthpiece for the Left to give Democrats the stage to hammer viewers with their vapid talking points.

We’re getting a good lesson on why Congress spends $4 trillion a year and has a $20 trillion Debt.

I think we all already know that Russia likes to try to influence elections in other countries and we like to do the same.  If we don’t like the Russians doing this, then why do we do it ourselves? 

What is the purpose of finding out all the ways Russia attempted to interfere with our elections? Given our current problems, why would this be important?  Is it that the Democrats still want to advance the “new world order” under UN control and Putin and Trump are thumbing their noses at “globalism”? 

Isn’t Iran the real problem, because they fund ISIS and other terrorist groups?  Isn’t the infiltration of Communists in our own federal government our biggest threat?

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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