Monday, May 8, 2017

Communist Monuments

Atlanta is renaming an elementary school after Obama, AJC 5/6/17. There is also a monument to John Lewis. I hope there are no tax dollars funding these. The US is the bastion of free enterprise and Communists are the enemy of free enterprise.  So, why do we put up with this?

We need to name our schools to identify their location and our streets to avoid confusion and stop subsidizing monuments with tax dollars.

Politics is the blood-sport for those who show up. Communists never give up. They are emboldened by their successful take-over of most of the media, our public schools and our universities.

Communists are bi-polar propagandists stuck in manic phase and they are relentless with their protests. Liberalism is a religion and the protesters are the evangelists. Nothing they say makes any sense, but that doesn’t slow them down.

They want to rename everything. They want monuments to Communist leaders to replace the current monuments cities have erected over the centuries.  They want to revise history to fit their narrative. All of this is staged to pretend that their philosophy of relativism is valid.

Every problem we encounter is traceable to a law written by the American Communists and passed by our corrupt, extorted Congress.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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