Sunday, May 7, 2017

US Job Creation in 2017

Trump is beating Obama in job creation by 50,000 jobs a month. That’s 33% increase. 

For the last decade, we created an average of 150,000 jobs a month and gave all of these jobs to the 150,000 immigrants and refugees we added. But we had no new jobs for the 150,000 new grads we add every year.

Trump’s job creation numbers are higher and it looks like we are making progress toward having jobs for US citizens again. Job creation under Trump has averaged 208,500 per month, compared to Obama’s 150,000 per month.

We have finally created an average of 50,000 new jobs per month for our new grads and our 95 million unemployed working-age US citizens. 

If we continue to create 208,500 new jobs each month, we can create 2,502,000 new jobs per year. This would be enough for our new grads, but would only reduce our 95 million unemployed sparingly.

If we stop receiving refugees and illegal aliens and see some attrition, deportation or repatriation of these migrants we can save the costs and add more US citizen wage earners to the economy.

We could still allow some immigration for the highly skilled engineers and software developers we seem to need and seasonal farm workers we seem to need. 

We need to enlist our Universities to increase the numbers of qualified students to our engineering schools to recapture our position in high tech industries.

2017   New Jobs Created
January     227,000
February   298,000
March          98,000
April           211,000
Total          834,000
Average     208,500

We need to restore our ability to operate independently as a nation.  Our military would agree that we need to be able to mine the minerals we need and manufacture the weapons we need and protect our energy grids. We need to provide our own food and water supplies and make sure we do not lose our ability to supply our own critical needs.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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