Thursday, June 22, 2017

Protection Racket

There is a scam going on that is wide-spread and suicidal. It started with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It made it illegal to discriminate against Blacks. That meant all Blacks, not just good Blacks, but bad Blacks. The logic is absent. Even good Blacks need to discriminate against bad Blacks.  With the scam in place, the “protected group” was expanded to include all Minorities, Women, Handicapped, Aged and Religions.

Individuals in all of these groups had experienced discrimination, but whenever this happened, they voted with their feet and left those who discriminated against them to find places to live and work that accepted them.

With the scam in place and the brainwashing underway, Gays entered the “almost” protected groups with the Supreme Court decision on Gay Marriage. Trans-genders then glommed on to the Gays and Muslims are next in line. Both of these groups have convinced local city and county governments to issue protective ordinances that included them in the “protected group” category to issue fines.

If the differences between Sharia law and US law are addressed, we will become like Europe.  We have already had failures to assimilate in the US by Mexicans and Muslims. 

The big winners in the anti-discrimination scam were the lawyers. The Democrats got a new constituency.

From 1964 to 2000, 90% of all discrimination claims were found to be groundless. Of the 10% remaining, most of these claims were weak.  Large companies with deep pockets who kept low performing employees were pelted with class action suits. At the same time, labor unions and pension plans were becoming extinct in the private sector, but unions appeared in the public sector.

Early on, smart companies continued to hire the best they could find. The “normal curve” was confirmed. We found and hired many talented, effective Blacks and other minorities.

The Civil Rights Act did not prevented the “War on Christianity”, so churches should demand the removal of “Religion” from the Act. The Civil Rights Act did little for Women, Aged, Handicapped and Minorities beyond what they could do for themselves. The repeal of this Act would end the Protection Racket.

In 1993, Bill Clinton signed the Community Reinvestment Act that required lenders to give mortgages to unqualified buyers. That law and HUD anti-discrimination rules caused the 2008 Mortgage Meltdown that created a global depression we are still attempting to exit.

As Muslim immigration increased, it was apparent that we had a problem with US anti-discrimination laws. Liberal propaganda insisted that we accept Muslims and ignore the dangers posed by their plan to establish Sharia law in the US.  We all saw what a mess this made of Europe and wanted no part of it.  This issue has been mentioned, but only a handful of States have banned Sharia in the courts.

Democrats will go nuts if Republicans rightly attempt to reinforce the primacy of US law over Sharia or any other foreign law. This would also nullify UN “law”. Putting Sharia law in a box will alert US Muslims to the fact that they will have no standing in US courts. Those who came to the US to establish Sharia law will know it’s over. Some may move back to Muslim countries, but those who remain will know that they need to assimilate.

When the Supreme Court sides with Trump on the travel ban EO, The Court should render their opinion to confirm Trump’s legal authority over immigration.

The question as to whether or not Islam is a “religion”, within its definition in US law must also be addressed by the Court and the Congress.  Their alternative is to repeal the Civil Rights Acts from 1964 forward along with all Immigration laws from 1965 forward. This would end the “Protection Racket” and send Democrats on a quest to re-do their platform.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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