Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Islamophobia Scam

The Truth About Islamophobia in the West

Europe is under siege from terrorist threats. New methods have made it dramatically more difficult to protect the masses, and news stories about the next attack almost feel mundane.

There has been a steady rise in radical Islamic terrorism, but the left holds strongly to their desire to deny the issue. In this defense, they have given rise to another of their new terms: Islamophobia.

We’re going to take a deep look at this term and answer the question as clearly and honestly as possible: what is Islamophobia?
Not a Word

While it is inevitably being added to dictionaries, Islamophobia is not a real word. The concept of a phobia is an attempt to describe a paralyzing and irrational fear.
Someone who has nearly drowned may suffer uncontrollable panic whenever their head is submerged in water. Islamophobia misappropriates this term to try and apply a sense of irrationality to any condemnation of terrorism. The central idea is to irrevocably link racism, homophobia and Islamophobia as inseparable vile beliefs and seize moral high ground in political disagreements.

Like “mansplaining” or “cisgender,” this is just another part of the grand plan to utterly ridicule any notion that doesn’t fall in line with the party. The idea that we need a special word to describe a person who identifies with their natural gender should make clear how ludicrous the entire scheme is.
Regardless, the left will continue to double down on their strategy of undermining the integrity and validity of conservatism in America.
Downplaying Real Danger

Many liberal ideas are outright dangerous, but none are more obvious than the narrative of Islamophobia. In 2017, ISIS has been confirmed as the sole perpetrators of 19 separate terrorist attacks (this is in addition the the regular combat and fighting in Syria and Iraq). These attacks have killed almost 500, and injured more than 7,000. That’s more than double the number of injuries inflicted any year prior, and we’re only in June. Since 2013, the organization has killed over 4,000 innocents and injured more than 15,000 in 70 attacks.

As this has happened, liberals continue to downplay the danger. The mayor of London recently tried to assure citizens by claiming that his city is among the safest in the world. By any metric imaginable, it doesn’t make the top 10, and by most measures it falls short of even the top 50. This is the exact mentality that we’ve learned to expect from the left. They will blatantly ignore obvious data and trends to promote an ideology that costs countless lives.

ISIS is not even the largest or most active Islamic terrorist organization – suggesting the radicalization problem is larger than these organizations themselves. Most surveys suggest that 1 in 10 Muslims support terrorism and the indiscriminate killing of infidels. From a population of 1.6 billion practitioners, that leaves well over 100 million strong in favor of radical Islamic terrorism. Such a force should not be taken lightly, and contending this threat is anything but irrational.
An Excuse for Tyranny

If Islamophobia is a condemnable evil, then any policy devoted to battling terrorism is equally evil and non-negotiable. This is what leftist logic has devolved into.
The complaints about racial, economic, gender and religious disparity are all tied to this tactic. Islamophobia itself is a word created to justify channeling defense funds to social programs, but all of the “new evils” serve that same purpose. Logic and reason are meaningless in the face of morality. So, the left continues to corrupt basic morality in a long-term plan to censure all opposition, and built their ideal state.

The left got used to the power they held with Obama, and they realized an important truth. If the right hadn’t dug in deeply on fought tooth and nail over every policy change, the country may have swung inexorably towards socialism.
Instead, the right’s resistance was barely enough to give the new regime a chance to right the course. Their recourse was to reinvest in their moralistic strategies, and you can expect ridiculous terms like Islamophobia to penetrate every depth of media outlets and public education. They will relentlessly target the young, and the battle to teach basic morality to the next generation will only get tougher. ~ Conservative Zone

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