Saturday, June 17, 2017

Deep State Mess

Mueller’s role as the “special prosecutor” in the FBI investigation is tainted.  His close relationship with Comey goes back decades and he is adding Democrat operatives to conduct the investigation.

Sessions says that Assistant AG Rosenstein is the only one who could fire Mueller or end his investigation. Rosenstein clerked for Ginsburg, so I wonder if he really is neutral and apolitical. It looks like the Democrat foxes are in charge of guarding the Republican hen house.

The key to Trump eventually winning this war is the passage of his current job restoring Healthcare and Tax reforms. The quicker Congress acts, the sooner the tide of this war between Republicans and Democrats will turn. This may require all of Trump’s initiatives to be included in one big Bill, where Obamacare is totally repealed and Healthcare, Tax reform, the Debt Ceiling and the 2018 Budget are voted on in one Bill.

Democrat obstruction, political attacks and violence may continue, but they risk showing voters their true colors. Their pleas to “work together” are pathetic. Republicans need to ignore them until they give up on their “revolution”.

As for the “Deep State”, there is time to appoint replacements for the “Deep State: Obama operatives and replace 130 Federal Judges. I expect the Supreme Court to back Trump on his Constitutional authority. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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