Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ending Climate Scam

Trump saved us from sending $100 billion to 3rd World Dictators and saved us from quadrupling our electric bills. We will be able to keep our coal-fired electric power plants and let power companies choose between coal, natural gas and nuclear energy.  Wind and solar are still too expensive to consider and shouldn’t need tax subsidies.  Wind and solar can work for isolated areas with generators, but big farmers and ranchers will need to pay for these without tax subsidies.

The $100 billion we just saved would have gone to carbon taxes and would have ended up in the pockets of the carbon tax bureaucracy and the bank accounts of 3rd world Dictators. The Australians ended their carbon taxes a few years ago. The Germans stopped building wind and solar after their electric bills doubled.  This is not a good deal.

Trump is right to save the $100 billion to rebuild our own water supply infrastructure and deal with our coal plant ponds. We should be able to improve our own air and water quality without having the UN’s hand in our pocket. The UN is the enemy. Just google UN Agenda 21 and read about it.

Years of Middle East OPEC oil price manipulation and restrictive US regulations took the US out of the oil business for decades.  There was talk of “Peak Oil” suggesting that we were running out of oil. This was a scam.

When oil prices started to rise, our oil companies developed fracking to increase US oil and gas production. Over the past few years, these oil companies have discovered new oil and gas fields in the US worth $18 trillion.  Exporting this oil and gas will reduce our trade deficit and provide jobs.

History tells us that we have had periods of global cooling and warming. In the middle ages, we had global warming, agriculture flourished and population increased.  We have evidence of a pre-historic ice age and a little ice age in the 1700s. We have no evidence that carbon causes global warming. We have ample evidence that climate is cyclical and not man-made.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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