Friday, June 16, 2017

Federal Abuse vs Populism

Political correctness started in the 1980s. The war on smoking was underway and we still have not discovered what cancer really is and how to deal with it. Reagan refused to sign all the Democrat Bills they wanted in the 1980s, but when George HW Bush took over, all hell broke loose. Employment law, business regulations and anti-discrimination laws exploded. Seatbelts were being required on new cars and later we heard that all titles needed to be gender neutral.

We lived through federal abuse under Obama’s Alinsky-style Blitzkrieg and we have a list of abuses we need to remember and we have abusive laws and regulations to repeal. That is why it is important to make a list of these abusive laws and regulations and fight for their repeal.

Obama was elected because of the 2008 Meltdown. Republicans failed to see the dangers of the pile of Democrat anti-discrimination laws like the Community Reinvestment Act of 1993 and HUD rules that required lenders to give mortgages to unqualified buyers. The other reason Obama won two terms was that Republicans chose McCain and Romney, two RINOs who attacked other Republicans and gave Obama a pass.

Throughout his 8 years, Obama insisted that ending man-made Climate Change, based on the global warming hoax was his first priority. He also embraced European socialism including multiculturalism, political correctness. He pushed for socialized government-run healthcare. He administered open borders, embraced UN refugee resettlement and let criminals out of jail.  He released terrorists from Gitmo who returned to rejoin their terrorist groups. He spend an extra $trillion a year on mal-investment and waste.  He doubled the national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion.

He doubled down on UN Agenda 21 implementation and the media and politicians never mentioned it. UN Agenda 21 was signed on to by George HW Bush in 1992 and implemented by Executive Order by Bill Clinton in 1993. Agenda 21 set out to remove borders and dissolve all existing nation-states to become “Regions” under the UN global government. It included the end of private property and freedom and the elimination of 95% of the world’s population.  It was implemented at the local level by ICLEI and local ordinances were replaced by the UN “cookie-cutter” version that reduced voter control.

The passage of NAFTA in 1993 ensured that manufacturing jobs would be off-shored.  The passage of immigration laws in 1965 ensured that the US would be flooded with welfare immigrants when we least need them. Immigration doubled in 1989 to over 1 million and illegal immigration had already produced 20 million illegals working in the US. But excessive immigration continued even as more jobs left the US. The methods of calculating unemployment were changed, but the workforce participation rate continued to decline to where 104 million working-age US citizens were without jobs.  Welfare eligibility became loose. New graduates didn’t get jobs, because they were given to immigrants and refugees. Household income dropped by $5000 per year.

Obamacare resulted in higher premiums and higher deductibles. The $200 per year catastrophic health insurance premiums of 2008 quadrupled. Obamacare failed and crashed the bloated US healthcare industry.

US education was ruined by replacing regular curriculum with propaganda and junk science and the costs quadrupled.

Both Healthcare and Education have been ruined by the federal government on purpose with excessive government subsidies and unnecessary costs and interference.

The EPA adopted carbon capture in compliance with UN Agenda 21 and wrote regulations to cause electric power companies to waste $billions on coal plant closings and costly wind and solar generating projects.

Obama’s Federal Agencies were tasked with removing private property for communal use. The EPA also stole land and water rights from individuals and businesses claiming that they were “wetlands” or claiming fees and penalties like $15,000 per day for non-compliance.

Problems started with the diversion of California farm land water taken and sent to the Ocean for the Smelt fish. Then we hear about a dairy farmer whose milk and cheese was destroyed by the Feds. Then a feral pig farmer had his pigs destroyed by the Feds.  Then a rural town had their water shut off by the Feds.  Then a couple was stopped from building a home on a lot they bought. Then a cattle rancher had his land taken to expand the “Wilding Project”.  Then a fishery was closed to create a Federal park.  Then another rancher was charged new federal fees for grazing land he leased from the State. Finally, a rancher was shot by the Feds for protesting the federal fee case.

In the meantime, businesses had their bank accounts seized, Motorists had their cash taken by Police. No-Knock Warrants were issued and Police kicked down doors and shot innocent people, because they got a bad tip from an ex-con. Cities enacted anti-discrimination ordinances for Gays and fined a bakery $135,000 for not making a wedding cake. Cities and Counties introduced new inspection fees charged to replace home appliances and tripled fines for minor traffic violations. Residential zoning ordinances had “care homes” appear and residents sued the cities. Regional governance of unelected appointees was authorized to usurp elected city and county officials. The prices charged for crony road repair doubled in 2012.

Muslim refugees have been pouring into the US and are using our own unconstitutional anti-discrimination laws to set up No-Go zones in the US and impose Sharia law. This is our most serious problem. We must secure the supremacy of US Law in the Congress and the Courts to keep Sharia law from operating as civil law.

Restoring our sovereignty and our economy depends on our vigilance and resolve to repeal all dangerous laws that infringe on US citizens’ rights and endanger our free market private sector economy. We need to restore the family as our primary economic unit and put government back in its box.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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