Saturday, June 17, 2017

Handel Should Win

As I posted on 4/20/17, the vote count in the April 2017 election was Republicans 99,694 and Ossoff 92,390. If all the same voters weigh in on this run-off, Karen Handel should win.

THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017 Vote CountGA US House Seat District 6

Republican Votes for Handel was 37,993, but 61,701 voter for the other 10 Republican candidates. The total Republican vote was 99,694 compared to Ossoff with 92,390. If the same Republicans turn out to vote for Handel in June, Republicans will hold this Congressional Seat.

The District is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, but its Republican base is shrinking. North DeKalb and North Fulton were once full of Republican Yankees, who moved to North Atlanta for the Electronics boom.  That boom was moved to China. See below: Election Results: Ossoff, Handel Advance in Race for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, BY THE NEW YORK TIMES APRIL 19, 2017, 9:37 AM ET

Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, and Karen Handel, a Republican, advanced to a June 20 runoff in the special election for the U.S. House seat vacated by Tom Price, the new health and human services secretary. Read more »

This “special election” didn’t follow the normal rules where Democrats and Republicans have separate primaries. It was a “battlefield promotion” prompted by Tom Price being named HHS Secretary.

The morphing of District 6 into a 50:50 district makes it a good barometer to determine the relative strength of Democrats vs Republicans, but is a risk for Republicans.
We’ve always known that South DeKalb was Democrat. Cobb has continued to become more Liberal than before.

North Fulton and North DeKalb have retained their Republican majorities, but this time I saw yard signs for Ossoff in Dunwoody and that never happened before. 

Georgia was once home to Conservative Democrats like Zell Miller, but those days are gone. After Reagan was elected, Georgia Democrats switched parties and became Republicans.

Georgia Republican Legislators have low scores from casting Liberal, unconstitutional votes as reported on Governor Bad Deal routinely vetoes any bills that are unpopular with the likes of Coke, Delta, NFL and other Liberal corporations.

Georgia Republicans have adopted a tyrannical top-down approach to controlling the Party.  They have been extremely hostile to the Conservative base that included the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, Conservative Christians, the Campaign for Liberty and all other “populist” groups.  The Trump election should have them re-thinking their approach, but it hasn’t. 

Dalton GA Mayor, David Pennington ran for Governor in 2014, but lost to Bad Deal.  His positions were completely in line with Tea Party principles.  Constitutional Republican candidates have garnered 25% of the vote when they ran for various offices.  Georgia voters are not ready to accept uncorrupted governance.  As a “Trump Republican”, I can only hope that Trump is successful in draining all of our swamps. He will need to restring the grant to states racquet to get the job done in Georgia.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader
 NTL Conservative Blog on 4/20/17

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