Monday, June 12, 2017

Karen Handel Election

Vote for Karen Handel and urge your friends, families, neighbors, associates who live in the 6th District to join you!


We are less than two weeks away from the very important election for the new Representative for the 6th District, seen as Democrats’ best opportunity to flip a district that has previously elected solidly Republican representatives such as former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Johnny Isakson and Dr. Tom Price. All were very talented and accomplished people both before and after winning office.

Georgia has become the Democratic battleground as a precursor to next year’s mid-term election. It is clear that the Democrat strategy is to fight against President Trump, hamstring him in every way, block legislative actions in Congress and to return Congress in 2018 to Pelosi and  Schumer.

Karen Handel has a long and accomplished background and accomplishments in both public and private jobs while her 30 year old opponent has consciously downplayed his jobs over the last 10 years and it is clear why; neither of his two jobs, as aide to Representative Johnson or as co-owner of a 2 man British documentary film company, has shown any accomplishments commensurate with that needed for National office.

Jon Ossoff “Talks” using the philosophy "If you have nothing to say, embellish it."

Now, our choice should be very clear. Elect someone with demonstrated talent and accomplishments or someone lacking in these qualities?

I know this is a little long, but please take the time to read this message as it contains a good deal of information on Jon Ossoff’s specific work experience and accomplishments that he has purposely avoided in all of his messaging as it does not show favorably to his qualifications for office.

Please take the time to distribute this message to your friends, families, neighbors, associates who live in the 6th District and urge them to support the only logical choice for the 6th district Representative, Karen Handel.

We are a week before the June 20 election and early voting is already in progress. The choice is simple; Karen Handel, someone with demonstrated “accomplishments,” versus Jon Ossoff, Pelosi’s handpicked youth who has none."

No comparison on qualifications!

Karen Handel talks from real world experience and, going into details on her past jobs, is both specific and quantitative.

Jon Ossoff has summarily glossed over his young career as both an aide to Representative Johnson and as co-owner of a 2 man British company. 

Karen Handel ”Acts and Does” with a long list of top level jobs, both in the political and private arenas; Head of Fulton County Chamber of Commerce, then Fulton County Commission Chairman, then Secretary of State, then VP Policy Susan B Komen Foundation. This is quite a resume which reflects a range of skills and accomplishments in management, budget, problem solving etc.

Jon Ossoff “Talks” using the philosophy "If you have nothing to say, embellish it." He is still “under development” as a “work in progress” extremely limited with background in his last 10 years, from age 20 to 30.

He was a low level aide to Representative “Guam is going to tip over” Johnson when he was 20-25 while a college or post grad student. In 2012, he finally received his security clearance and held it for less than one year, not the 5 years he says in his campaign speeches. 

Since  2013, Jon Ossoff was co-manager of a two person documentary film company, Insight TWI founded that year and registered in England which made 8 documentaries in Africa, 1 in Equator (all 9 for Al Jazeera) and 1 in Iraq (for BBC Three). The latter addressed fighting women’s issues and fighting ISIS. (Jon Ossoff takes credit on his ads that “he faced ISIS” but he wasn’t even there with the film crew).

It is obvious why Jon Ossoff specifically avoided identifying his company or the associated specifics of his job. His company reflects no huge budgets, no large number of staff to manage and no issues pertaining to Georgia or the US!

He philosophizes about “big budgets, management, big issues/problem solving, fighting corruption, etc,”  but, unlike Karen Handel, he has had zero experience or accomplishments in actually addressing these issues.

It is clear that Jon Ossoff, unlike Karen Handel, cannot run on his achievements or accomplishments so his packaging needed to be different.

After months of campaigning, Jon Ossoff remains a “Creation in Progress” and the voter still does not know much about his background or qualifications based on the obvious planned strategy of him and his handlers to avoid specificity.

His supporters are happy with his rhetoric with well polled, well-rehearsed talking points which are designed to project top level philosophies and positions as a Centrist and paint him as “working across the aisle” candidate. Even in his last debate, he spoke about working with the President and the GOP on various issues.  In fact, his ideology is very Leftist, he voted for Bernie Sanders, he was handpicked by Pelosi and he was backed by her, the DNC and Leftist donors from around the Country.

Who is the real Jon Ossoff underneath the Pelosi/DNC run façade? Why doesn’t he really talk about his “experience” which he avoids discussing like the plague? Aren’t the Issues he is talking about “way above his pay grade” based on his personal experiences?

Jon Ossoff has been forced to stretch the truth about his background because he is lacking in real accomplishments in both his “5 year” career as a Congressional Aide and his 4-5 years as co-owner or a 2 man British documentary film company.


Pelosi handpicked Jon Ossoff and had a major fundraiser for him in Washington. From the Federal site, his campaign contributions between December 2016-March 2017 totaled $8.32 million with only 5% from Georgia! The other 95% included California about 6.5%, New York 5% and Massachusetts 2.1%. Looking at it another way, the top three States contributed over 13% of the total contributions with the other 82% spread around the country/outside Georgia, including every other State and Puerto Rico. Since March, his donations have continued from all over the county and have climbed to over $20 million. During the debates, Jon Ossoff says “most of his contributions are from small donors of $50 to $100 each.” This is totally disingenuous based on the number of individuals from across the County that would need to be supporting him to reach the $20+ million.


Jon Ossoff supports the Iran nuclear deal emphasizing "we can inspect for deviance and apply snap back sanctions if required.” I guess he doesn’t know about Iran's limiting inspection sites/requirements and insisting on self-inspection at some military sites which Iran considered to be “too secret for outside eyes”. He never addresses how difficult it would be to get our Allies to reapply sanctions.

He harps on Karen Handel’s role in Susan B. Komen’s cutting off their annual funding to Planned Parenthood because “this damaged cancer screening.” What part of the name “Planned Parenthood” doesn’t Jon Ossoff and his followers understand? By its title, obviously picked for a reason, its main product over all its offices throughout the nation and the few in Georgia is “family planning, counseling and abortions.” Yes, as a side, they do “cancer screening” but they do not have mammogram capabilities. They send their patients elsewhere for this service. Conversely, State and Community Health Centers do provide a full range of cancer screening and mammograms, there are many more of these offices throughout the Country, State and even the 6th District (there are no Planned Parenthood offices in the 6th District and very few in Georgia).

Karen Handel was VP for Policy for the Susan B. Komen Foundation which, if the Ossoff followers are not aware, is a major organization promoting Breast Cancer awareness, treatment and research.  Obviously they would not cut off funding for Planned Parenthood if they thought this would hurt cancer screening. The Komen Foundation Board decided to cut their funding to Planned Parenthood, representing less than 1% of the latter’s annual budget, due to Planned Parenthood’s prime emphasis on abortions. Planned Parenthood put extreme pressure on donors to the Komen Foundation causing the latter to eventually relent and reinstate their donation to Planned Parenthood.

Bottom line, this charade comes down to a battle on “abortion” not “general women’s health care and cancer screening.” The latter is much better provided outside of Planned Parenthood through the much more numerous and better equipped Health Care Centers and private doctors. In case Jon Ossoff and his followers weren’t aware, there is legislation under consideration in Congress to cut out Federal Funds to Planned Parenthood for similar rational and for said funds to be diverted to the Health Care Centers around the Nation thereby increasing the full range of health care services, including cancer screening.

Karen Handel said she would support this legislation but obviously Jon Ossoff won’t.


Pelosi and the DNC have clearly made the local 6th Distict Race and National Race. While Jon Ossoff is sorely lacking in both experience and qualifications, he is clearly Pelosi’s “perfect handpicked candidate” with his blank slate to mold.

The Pelosi/DNC charade is to sell a “beginner, low performance car” as a “top of the line quality and proven model.”

Nothing in his background demonstrates any qualifications for National office but clearly indicates why Pelosi hand picked him and he is supported by her and the DNC with huge donations of over $20 million, 95% of which are from out of State covering all other States in the nation plus Puerto Rico.

I get very tired of continuing to hear people say "Jon Ossoff has qualifications that are at least as good as......." without giving specific examples of what "on the job experience" demonstrated these qualifications.

He was 20-25 years old and mostly a college student when he was an aide to Rep Johnson. He is co-partner in a 2 person British company that makes documentaries abroad with zero relationship to US issues. He has had zero experience of managing significant staffs, budgets of issues.

National support and money from Pelosi etal continues to pour into Ossoff’s campaign along with large numbers of out of State volunteers. One of his supporters posted on Facebook that “Ossoff will not be owing anything to Pelosi, California or any other liberal elected official that comes here in support of Ossoff.”  This supporter and many of others are either naïve or disingenuous, don’t care about his total lack of details, experience or accomplishments on his jobs and believe his campaign hype of “being a Centrist, not catering to Pelosi and being willing to work across the aisle to get things done.”


The 6th District race has become a National campaign.

Georgia’s 6th District needs a major not a minor league player to represent them.  This clearly is Karen Handel, not the new kid on the block who “talks the talk but has not walked the walk”.

The two candidates represent “Experience and Accomplishments” versus “Pelosi/DNC handpicked blank slate to be molded to cater to join her dominion”.
Karen Handel certainly demonstrated strong, significant management and financial achievements in her career, both politically and as VP Komen Foundation. She has always demonstrated a feisty independence. She was not picked by Ryan and will be a strong, independent Freshman Representative.

Jon Ossoff skirts the specifics of his job as a Congressional Aide and co-owner of a 2 man British documentary film company. If Ossoff applied for a job at most companies, his experience would qualify him for an entry or low level position.
To hide all of this, Jon Ossoff, uses his polled and researched talking points and talks with broad brush strokes to appeal to centrists when he is in fact a Bernie Sanders voter with appeal to the Democrat Party Leftists as demonstrated by Pelosi’s hand picking him, DNC strong support and the 95% of his $20+ million in campaign funds coming from out of State.

Debating Jon Ossoff, Karen Handel should use the Reagan line in his Presidential debate "I won't hold your youth against you"

As Karen Handel said about Jon Ossoff in last week’s debate "He talks, I do."


Jon Ossoff is a “ Pelois bought and paid for Leftist” to become her new disciple and sycophant. With his total blank slate of experience and qualifications, will he blindly and obediently support her every wish?

Karen Handel is the very clear, logical choice if one looks at experience and qualifications for National office.

Let’s disappoint Pelosi and pick a strong viable 6th District Representative and leave Ossoff to continue making his documentaries!

Have you voted yet? The name of the game is “Turnout”.

Vote for Karen Handel and urge your friends, families, neighbors, associates who live in the 6th District to join you!

Karen Bracken

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