Sunday, June 4, 2017

Restoring Manufacturing to US

The 15% corporate tax rate should allow most manufacturing operations a chance to bring manufacturing back to the US.

We have national security reasons for doing this.  The US should be providing its own raw materials and fabrication of everything the US military requires. There will be some flexibility with some items, but only with long-standing allied countries and only if the price and quality are right.  We certainly need to restore mining lead and make our own bullets. 

We have all the resources required to make most of the items US consumers and companies buy. There will be some products US consumers prefer based on price, quality and utility, but there will be a tax incentive for foreign companies to make these items in the US.

So, where will these manufacturing operations go?  The companies will decide where to locate based on costs and labor availability. Land costs and local taxes are generally lower in rural cities and counties and these areas are generally good places to live. Companies that require engineers have done well in the suburbs and exurbs where schools are good. 

Enclaves form around manufacturing and engineering operations in subdivision communities that allow easy access to work, school, stores and other places residents need to go. This works for families if they can keep jobs that are close to home.

I lived and worked in Salina Kansas for 8 years and enjoyed every minute of it.  The population was 40,000 and it had 30 manufacturing companies, plus grain companies, banks and transportation companies. The workforce was magnificent. Our 6 kids were ages 2 to 10 when we moved there in 1975. We spent our weekends camping and boating.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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