Monday, June 12, 2017

The War on Trump

The Communist Party USA is determined to stop Trump from reigniting the free market economy in the US any way they can.  They have control of the Left-Wing media, the Democrat Party, US Universities and public schools.  They also have hapless followers who like free stuff.

The US House and Senate has Republicans who have often voted like Democrats. It appears there are only 20% who are consistent Constitutional Conservatives who advance free market principles.

The war on Trump isn’t limited to the US.  The globalists in all countries want open borders and European socialism in the US. Those corporations who believe they would lose their monopoly powers if free market economics expands are aligned against Trump.

Left-wing Infestation is pervasive. The federal government, US Universities and US churches are infested with Left-Wing activists and enablers. Much of what these folks believe isn’t true.  It’s like a cult built on Democrat church values.

Trump defenders include about 50% of US voters everywhere except in liberal enclaves on both coasts. We walk softly, but we carry a big stick. We are watching the battle and are rooting for Trump.

Trump’s reforms are not pre-emptive. The US is insolvent and needs to reignite the private sector to survive.  Health insurance and education are crashing and excessive immigration needs to stop. Government by “special interests” has run its course and liberals have run out of other peoples’ money.

Draining the Swamp has the spotlight shining on it, due to the Democrat initiated attacks on Trump that resulted in the appointment of Mueller as the FBI “Special Prosecutor” and his investigations.

Currently, Trump and his team have been proven to be “wrongly accused” of a myriad of things. But, wrong-doing by the Left continues to be exposed and confirmed. This in itself may get the Democrats to quiet down, because these big lies are coming back to bite them.

The Democrat delusion of “impeachment” will continue to be their narrative, because if lies are big and continually repeated, they do their damage.

Republican leaders in Congress need to move forward with reforms without the Democrats. Bi-partisanship is no longer workable, because the Democrats are all Communists when they vote.  Republicans need to set their tactics to “go it alone”.

We Trump supporters have no illusions about the corruption in our government, but the Left continues to hold to their illusion that government is not corrupt. We see the same liberal culture in Congress and the agencies that we see in US Universities.

After Trump wins this war, we need to turn on his attackers and do a thorough job of exterminating them and repealing all anti-free market laws and regulations.  We need to push to end all government practices that allow for corruption.

We need to restore government compliance with the US Constitution (as written) and insist that they send Amendments to the States to ratify the unconstitutional powers they have usurped. 

We need to change campaign finance laws to only allow voters to make campaign contributions and only to candidates that would appear on their ballots. That would remove the main source of corruption in elected offices.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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