Wednesday, July 12, 2017

GOP RINOs fast-tracking ObamaCare vote

7/11/17, Grassfire

Grassfire's sources indicate that Senate GOP leaders are now planning on releasing their "revised" ObamaCare Lite bill late this week with plans for a vote as soon as next week.

This fast-track strategy is a classic GOP RINO strategy they employ when they don't want to feel pressure from citizens. We think their ObamaCare Lite bill is a disaster, and the ONLY HOPE for repealing ObamaCare is through Grassfire's call for Congress to REPEAL NOW and Replace Later. With each passing day, more and more leaders are supporting Grassfire's "REPEAL NOW, Replace Later" strategy.

Here's what National Review is saying this week: ".The GOP Senate can vote to repeal Obamacare this week. Then it can replace Obamacare over the next seven weeks by assembling a substitute plan, piece by piece, through open amendments." (emphasis added)

President Trump also has endorsed the "REPEAL NOW, Replace Later" strategy. But unless citizens like you stand up and demand "REPEAL NOW, Replace Later," the Senate GOP will either fail to pass a bill, or worse -- they will pass ObamaCare Lite and continue Obama's failed legacy.


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