Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pay for Silence

Our politicians were paid for their silence during the stealth implementation of UN Agenda 21 in the US after 2008.  Obama doubled down to accelerate the implementation of “regional” governance that started during the Bush administration.  Politicians were paid in two ways. The first was campaign contributions from Global Marxists for votes and for their silence.  The second was in “grants to states” to put in bike-lanes, green space, multi-use paths and other expensive unnecessary mal-investments. Politicians were also required to sign up to “green” energy projects like wind and solar and were paid for their silence on “Climate Change” and act as if it was real.


The fault for UN Agenda 21 in the US begins with George HW Bush when he signed on to this in 1992.  Bill Clinton wrote the “implementation executive order” George W. Bush didn’t stop any of this and kept his mouth shut. Obama was selected by George Soros to jamb down on Agenda 21 implementation and he did.


UN Agenda 21 was based on the global warming hoax that was inspired by the Iron Mountain Report released in 1966. Kennedy asked academics to look into what could be done to prevent war. 


They recommended that governments invent an environmental crisis to justify the continuation of big government.  By 1992, the UN had invented their environmental crisis with the global warming hoax. All world leaders and global corporations kept silent and pretended that this unlikely lie was true.


Now it is well known that global warming was a hoax and developed countries spent $trillions on mal-investments made to implement UN Agenda 21. A few Republicans made presentations on the floor of the Congress and were successful in poking holes in this lie, but the majority of the Congress kept silent.


Voters in all of these countries need to confront these crooks and demand a full investigation and disclosure including apologies, retirements and resignations. History should record these crimes and indict all who were guilty of participating in this scam. Global warming aka man-made climate change is the biggest most expensive scam in history. It has unnecessarily raised the debt of most developed countries in Europe and the US.


Agenda 21 required the dissolution of nation-states. The “Arab Spring” was designed to destabilize the Middle East in order to weaken these nation-states.  The EU was created to become the European “region” of the UN Global government. The UN is guilty for perpetrating this hoax and should be defunded and disbanded. 


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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