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Trump's Polling Solid,

Steady and Good, by on July 5, 2017

One of the most common items of "disinformation" in the media these days is the assertion that Donald Trump's presidency is drawing negative reviews from the American voter.

The Guardian, for example, reports that Trump's approval ratings "fall off a cliff" and goes on to wonder why he "sees no reason to course-correct."

But, the fact is that Trump's poll numbers are steady, fluctuating in a narrow range, and are higher than Obama's were during most of his tenure.

Rasmussen, the only pollster who surveys "likely voters" shows the marks of a successful presidency:

Rasmussen: Trump's Job Approval

JULY 2     =     44%
JUNE 13  =     45%
JUNE 4     =    45%
MAY 30     =    43%
MAY 23     =    48%
MAY 14     =    44%
MAY 7      =     47%

Source: Real Clear Politics.

All the other polls survey "adults" or "registered voters", thereby including vast numbers of non-citizens, non-voters, and unregistered adults.  Most of these folks lean Democrat and distort the other polls to show a higher disapproval.  Likely this bias is deliberate.  More disinformation.

But it is remarkable that, amid the totally negative coverage with which the media pounds President Trump daily, that he has been able to keep his ratings right around his vote share: In the mid-to-high 40s.

Dick Morris

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