Sunday, July 2, 2017

Our Relationship with God

The most important message that has been offered by our Christian churches is that we can and should develop a direct, personal relationship with God.

Growing up, I looked at the evidence and heard from my family that God created the universe and created us. The evidence was compelling. I believed that in time my unanswered questions would be answered. Armed with an active curiosity and my natural instincts, I began to build a life and my life has been a blast.

Having accomplished much by the time I was 35, It was 1978.  I realized that I was too focused on my career and although my career was booming, I felt anxious.  I was driving to work when I heard a strong audible voice in my head that said” I am always with you.” I was startled.  A few weeks later I heard the same voice say” “You will not rest until you rest in Me.” I got it.  God was always with me and I was getting permission to relax. I’ve been peaceful ever since.

In 1996, I was repairing my porch and had the siding off to prop up the 4x4 that had rotted and made the roof sag.  I had a bottle jack and brought it out to jack up the 4x4, but I had forgotten how to do that.  I remember thinking, my best Friend is a Carpenter. So I asked Jesus what to do.  Again, I heard the same voice say: “it’s a tooth”. I immediately understood.  When you have to jack up a vertical post, you nail a block of wood to the post, put the bottle jack under it and raise the post. The wood block is called a tooth. I learned that God will help, even with little things.

I had no idea that I would ever hear God’s voice in my head, but I believe I did hear it on these three occasions.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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