Monday, December 26, 2016

Citizens Listen Up

If you are in a country that is unsafe or vulnerable, you need to make some choices based on what kind of threats you face. You also need to know that your own government has probably put you in this position. If you have relatives in a more stable country and they are happy with it and you could get a job there, you could go there.

We are experiencing a clash of civilizations now as Muslims migrate to Western countries. This is not working and is unraveling now. If you are Muslim and you like Sharia law, you need to move to a Muslim country, because Sharia will not last in a Western country.

Europeans have a choice.  Either you stay and fight to regain control of your country or you don’t and conditions will get worse.  You need to fight to shrink government and expand the private sector, private property rights and the rule of law in order to improve your economy.  You need to find leaders who know how to do this and will actually make it happen.

You need to figure out how you can be economically self-sufficient and earn enough money to live on.  You cannot depend on your current government to make this happen.  Most governments are broke and will be reducing social welfare programs as quickly as they can. Immigrants will be the first to feel these reductions.

Good leaders are rare and the establishment will fight them, because they want to maintain the status quo.  Governments are totally corrupt and you need to expose this corruption to others until you have enough informed citizens to be able to affect changes.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Finding Good Leaders

I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis County Mo.  The county contained the City of St. Louis plus numerous other municipalities.  Our business leaders were not corrupt and were very effective at keeping corruption out of local government.  We had dozens of corporate headquarters in St. Louis and the Presidents of these corporations worked together to ensure that our politicians were honest and effective. St. Louis is a blue-collar town with manufacturing as their base. 

Many of our leaders were the great-grandsons of the founders of our St. Louis based companies.  Many others came up through the ranks. 

In the 1870s, St. Louis business leaders bought 1371 acres of land on the West end of the City of St. Louis. They opened Forest Park in 1876 and gave it to the City. This park hosted the World’s Fair in 1904.  The St. Louis Zoo and the St. Louis Art Museum were added in 1910 and the Municipal Opera was added in 1917. The park includes a golf course, tennis center, world’s fair pavilion, lakes, a boat dock and restaurant, ice skating rink, history museum, many other venues and lots of room for picnics.  It is a single, central venue for all metro area families and visitors.  Their objective was to build a good city for the employees.

Our St. Louis-based companies included: Anheuser Bush, McDonnell Aircraft, Emerson Electric, Ralston Purina, Monsanto, Peabody Coal, Mallinckrodt, Olin Mills Chemical, Graybar Electric and many others. There were about 20 business leaders who were involved in keeping St. Louis a great place to live.  They communicated regularly with each other and intervened when there was trouble. They all had a profound sense of responsibility.

From the 1970s to present, St. Louis developed a highway grid that allows commuting from one end of the county to the other quickly and easily. St. Louis County occupies 523 square miles.

We moved to Salina Kansas in 1975 and found a similar group of leaders who did a great job in this town of 40,000 people. They made sure that local government had good leaders and they had no tolerance for corruption or stupidity. 

The model for county and city government in rural areas of the US was that all the farmers knew each other and they knew who were the smartest.  These were the most successful farmers who would be asked by the others to take their turn on the county commission jobs.  They did this because they knew it was their responsibility.  That’s how the Salina Kansas leaders got each other to take these jobs. This kind of “revolving oligarchy” works for the citizens and they appreciate good leaders willing to serve.

We moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1983, but it didn’t have a central location for its venues.  The leaders in Atlanta in the 1870s didn’t establish a Forest Park and still hasn’t developed their highway system to allow for much growth.

My experience with good leaders has convinced me that a good oligarchy of visionary, smart and honest businessmen can make a real difference.  Our Founding Fathers were also a “good oligarchy”. Imagine what Atlanta could have been if we had 20 business leaders the caliber of Bernie Marcus in Atlanta in 1870.

It appears that Donald Trump is building a “good oligarchy” as well.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Consumer Confidence Up to 98.2

Trump brings consumer confidence to a 13 year high, by Martin Armstrong, 12/26/16

All that matters is what you believe. Despite all the leftist protests yelling Trump is not their president, Michigan University, which tracks consumer confidence, has reported that we have reach a new 13 year high. If we remove California, Trump won the popular vote in the Nation. The consumer sentiment index reached a record high since 2004 at 98.2. This is what has been behind the Trump Rally. If we cross the 20,000 level and reach sustainable levels above that psychological number, we stand a good chance of bringing in the average investor who abandoned the market after 2007.

With a return of retail investors, then we stand a chance of pressing through the 23,000 level (our next major target) and then we can see a run that will try to reach 40,000. Keep in mind, we are talking about a Phase Transition here. That means it will be fast and furious.

We will be issuing a special report on the stock markets for 2017. This may just be your best opportunity in a decade. I remember when Jimmy Carter won the election. I was too busy to vote and the polls showed he would lose. So why bother? When I woke up and he won, I was shocked. I did not approve of his policies back then. Nevertheless, I made a lot of money into 1980. So those who hate Trump – suck it up and focus on the profits. Such opportunities do not come in life that often.

Trump won 84% of US Counties

TRUMP'S 'LANDSLIDE': 2,623 TO 489 AMONG U.S. COUNTIES, But popular-vote fans say nation should abandon Electoral College, by Bob Unruh, 12/25/16

The idea isn’t new, but it’s being argued again over the 2016 presidential election results by some of those who were shell-shocked by Hillary Clinton’s loss to political upstart Donald Trump: The nation should decide its presidents based on a popular vote, not the constitutional Electoral College.

WGN reported, “It’s official, Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote,” and while the “swamps” to describe a 2.9 million difference among some 130 million voters easily could be challenged, the bare numbers show Clinton got 65,844,954 votes to Trump’s 62,979,879.

But those are not the only numbers Americans need to know about the heated race that left a leftist movement stunned and disoriented.

For example, Clinton won California by 4.2 million votes and New York by 1.6 million, meaning that across 48 of the 50 states, Trump was the victor by about 3 million votes in the popular vote. Including New York, he was the popular vote winner by more than a million votes.

Trump has addressed the issue by tweeting, “Campaigning to win the Electoral College is much more difficult & sophisticated than the popular vote. Hillary focused on the wrong states!”

The constitutional reality is that the nation’s founders set up a system where there would be a popular vote, but the actual decision is made by 538 members of the Electoral College, members appointed largely by political parties in the states, with one designated for each congressional district or U.S. Senate seat in Congress. In many states they are legally obligated to vote the way their state’s voters do.

There, Trump won 306 on election night, and ended up with 304 after two, influenced by what has been described as a “coup” attempt trying to prevent him from taking office, voted against the wishes of their states’ voters. Hillary Clinton ended up with 227, having lost five faithless electors of the 232 she won on election night.

Trump said campaigning for the different votes is different. “I would have done even better in the election, if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote – but would campaign differently,” he suggested.

The Electoral College was set up to assure that a handful of population centers across the country cannot in perpetuity control the presidency. That’s well illustrated by the 2016 results, where Trump won vast swaths of America, but still came up short in the popular vote because of the results, essentially, in one state, California.

The Electoral College addresses that because the minimum number of states a candidate must win, and these include the large population centers, to win the presidency, is 12 states. And they are scattered across most of the country, with the exception of the plains states really.

Under a minimalist approach to the Electoral College, a candidate must win at least California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey and any other state with at least 10 votes, (Virginia, for example, has 13) to win.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence put it in another perspective, revealing that Trump won 30 out of 50 states, and 2,623 counties, to Clinton’s 20 states or 489 counties. The left-leaning Politifact admitted Pence’s statement that that was the biggest part of America won in an election since Ronald Reagan was rated as “mostly true.”

It revealed that Trump, in fact, “receives credit from electoral specialists for expanding the Republican footprint, notably in places that had previously backed Barack Obama,” confirming Trump won 220 counties that had voted for Obama in 2012.

The 2016 results really reveal that America has become two different nations: far left metropolitan and urban areas and much more conservative regions of small cities, towns and rural areas. The impact is never so strong as in a visual image. The blue here reveals how, by the state, voters went for Donald Trump.

In the Daily Mail, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pointed out “liberals who insisted Trump’s victory is illegitimate because more Americans voted for Clinton” are simply wrong.
“This is football season. A team can have more yards and lose the game. What matters is how many points you put on the board. The Electoral College is the points,” he said.
Gingrich pointed out Trump never campaigned in California, which for years has leaned far left and routinely has voted Democratic. “Trump actually carried – in the 49 states outside of California, he had a 1.2 million vote majority,” he said.

“The Democrats had two people running for the U.S. Senate the way California law works, no Republican running for the U.S. Senate. So we got beaten in the biggest state. It didn’t matter. That’s not how you pick the presidency. Trump’s now going to be president. She’s not going to be president. That’s called winning the game”

In the Truthfeed blog was the comment: “There are rules to the contest, and Trump won fair and square. The rest is just noise and sore loser whining.” Such as a suggestion from Sen. Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat, to abolish the Electoral College. “The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately,” she said, after finding out that middle America states like the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa and others had combined to overrule the 55 votes held by her state.

Gingrich said there are some in the Democrat party who are simply not going to adjust to a President Trump. “He is, from their standpoint, horrifying. They live in a delusional world. That’s why they lost the election: they decided to stay with the delusion.”

Trump critics observed that Clinton won “every large-sized county economy in the country” while Trump’s victory came through “hundreds and hundreds of tiny low-output locations.”
The bottom line, from WNG? “More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.”

UN does nothing right

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) vowed Saturday to not allow the U.S. to give money to the United Nations until it reversed its Friday decision forcing an end to Israeli settlements.

Cruz tweeted: “Spoke w/ Israeli PM @netanyahu tonight to wish him Happy Chanukah & assure him of strong support in Congress. No US $ for UN until reversed.”

The U.N. voted 14-0 Friday to stop Israel settlements in areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. President Obama authorized the U.S. to abstain from voting on the measure, drawing backlash over the decision to break from the longstanding U.S. policy of shielding Israel from U.N. reproaches.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called the resolution “conceived” and an “outrageous attack.” Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed anger and frustration with the vote, saying he was looking forward to working with the Trump administration to “negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.”

The announcement came at the start of Hanukkah. Netanyahu says he will not abide by the UN Security Council resolution demanding an end to the Israeli settlements.


I would just call this latest screw-up the last straw and withdraw from the UN, move it to Brussels and deport Soros for treason.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Cut off UN funding!

Senator Lindsey Graham: Cut off UN funding!, by Ann Corcoran 12/26/16

Longtime readers know that the good Senator from South Carolina has not been a favorite here at RRW mostly because he has been an advocate for more Syrian refugees being admitted to the US.

However….Maybe the despicable hit by the outgoing Obama Administration (including by UN Ambassador Samantha Power) against Israel in the UN on the eve of the Jewish holiday (and Christmas!) is a blessing in disguise, and will be looked upon as a major turning point in our involvement with the world body (what a joke it is!).

We should all use this opportunity to pound the incoming Trump team to cut our ties with the increasingly pro-Islam United Nations.

Outgoing Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted in his farewell speech tens days ago that the UN had become disproportionately anti-Israel and it would hurt efforts going forward to forge peace. I predict that the bias will be getting worse under the leadership of Antonio Guterres.

Remember that the UN is responsible for choosing the vast majority of our refugees! That is why the Syrians entering the US are virtually all Muslims! This is a perfect time to cut them off! (If we are going to admit refugees to the US, there is no reason we can’t pick our own!)

From CNN yesterday: (CNN)Sen. Lindsey Graham will propose a measure to pull US funding for the United Nations unless the UN Security Council repeals the resolution it passed condemning Israeli settlements.

“It’s that important to me,” he told CNN. “This is a road we haven’t gone down before. If you can’t show the American people that international organizations can be more responsible, there is going to be a break. And I am going to lead that break.” He later told CNN’s Dana Bash that US funding accounts for 22% of the UN’s budget.

Trump has tapped South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to replace Samantha Power. Maybe Graham can lead the charge to cut funding and Haley can preside over the effort to disentangle the US from the world body!  Wouldn’t that be fun to watch!  And, it would surely rehabilitate their images for me!

If you want to know more about pro-Palestinian Samantha Power (may she disappear from the world stage), just search her name here at RRW. We have followed her career since she was named ‘Iraqi refugee czar’ by Obama when he first entered the White House.  She and Hillary were all for the overthrow of Col. Qaddafi which has directly led to the massive invasion of Europe from No. Africa.

Trump condemns UN Vote

By James Ledbetter, 12/26/16

Over the weekend, Trump strongly condemned Obama not vetoing UN vote with this to say...

Netanyahu, Bennett clash over settlement policy in wake of Trump -

Before leaving office, #Obama has once again put the knife in Israel’s back. Last week, Obama betrayed #Israel over the settlement vote at the UN. The US has always vetoed any vote that condemns Israel over the Isreali settlement vote. The vote was to make it illegal for Israelis to occupy Palestinian territory. That would include what the UN claims as the western wall of Jerusalem.

Israel has prayed at the west wall of Jerusalem for thousands of years. Now, according to the Telegraph, that is against international law. The US has vetoed the bill in the past. But not last week. Many in Israel feel that Obama betrayed Israel.

According to the Telegraph, It was one final slap in the face to the US and Israel. Many also remember the controversial  Iranian Deal after Israel's warnings. The move also put Obama in conflict with Trump, says the Telegraph.

War on Christians in Europe

Islamists Attack Christmas, But Europeans Abolish It, by Tyler Durden, 12/25/16, Submitted by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute,

o   A statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the French municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as "ayatollahs of secularism".
o   A German school in Turkey just banned Christmas celebrations: the school, Istanbul Lisesi, funded by the German government, decided that Christmas traditions and carol-singing would no longer be allowed. A Woolworth's store in Germany scrapped Christmas decorations telling customers that the shop "is now Muslim".
o   Europe is already mutilating her own traditions "to avoid offending Muslims". We have become our own biggest enemy.
o   Muslims are also reclaiming "the mosque of Cordoba". Authorities in the southern Spanish city recently dealt a blow to the Catholic Church's claim of ownership of the cathedral. Now Islamists want it back.
o   The final result of Europe's self-destructive secularism could seriously be a Caliphate.

"Everything is Christian", Jean-Paul Sartre wrote after the war. Two thousand years of Christianity have left a deep mark on the French language, landscape and culture.

But not according to France's Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. She just announced that instead of saying "Merry Christmas", state officials should use "Happy Holidays" -- clearly a deliberate intent to erase from discourse and the public space any reference to the Christian culture in which France is rooted.

Jean-François Chemain called it the "eradication of any Christian sign in the public landscape". A year ago, the controversy was ignited in the French town of Ploermel, where a court decided that the statue of Pope John Paul II, erected in a square, had to be removed for violating "secularism".

Then, a statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as "ayatollahs of secularism".
The newspapers of the French "left", outraged by the "right's" ban on burkinis on the French Riviera, have been endorsing this anti-Christian policy.

France's Council of State has just ruled that "the temporary installation of cribs [nativity scenes] in a public place is legal if it has a cultural, artistic or festive value, but not if it expresses the recognition of a cult or a religious preference". What precautions to justify a millenary tradition!

In the town of Scaer, a nursing home has been the subject of a similar secularist complaint, for the presence of a fresco of the Virgin Mary. Then, it was the turn of the manger in the train station of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, in Aveyron. In the town of Boissettes, the church bells have been muted by court decision.

Fortunately, some ideas from the Observatory of Secularism -- the organ established by President François Hollande to coordinate his neo-secularist policies -- have not been implemented. One proposed even to eliminate some Christian national holidays to make room for the Islamic, Jewish and secular holidays.

President Hollande, on the occasion of Easter, "forgot" to express holiday wishes to the Christians of France. But a few months before, Hollande had extended his best wishes to the Muslims during the feast of Eid, which closes

Ramadan. "Hollande's greeting to Muslims is opportunistic
and political. For the Socialist Party, it is a crucial electoral clientele", said the French philosopher Gerard Leclerc in the newspaper, Le Figaro.

This Christianophobia is the Trojan Horse of Islam. As Charles Consigny writes in the weekly Le Point, "Through this tabula rasa of the past, France will make a clean sweep of its future". Unfortunately, France is not an isolated case. Everywhere in Europe, a weary, secularist absence of purpose and confused values damns Christianity in favor of Islam.

A jihadist terrorist, targeting a symbol of Christian tradition, last week slaughtered 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin. But Europe is already mutilating her own traditions "to avoid offending Muslims". We have become our own biggest enemy.

The annual candlelit Saint Lucia ("Sankta Lucia") procession, a Swedish Christian tradition celebrated for hundreds of years, is "dying" out. Uddevalla, Södertälje, Koping, Umeå, and Ystad are among the growing numbers of cities no longer holding this lovely cultural event.

According to Jonas Engman, an ethnologist at the Nordic Museum, the declining interest in the St. Lucia procession accompanies a more general alienation from the culture of Christian Sweden. A study conducted by Gallup International reveals that in observing the Christian religion, Sweden is "the least religious in the West". In the meantime, with a young, strong, driven sense of purpose and a set of sharia values, Islam is growing.

German school in Turkey just banned Christmas celebrations. The school, Istanbul Lisesi, funded by the German government, decided that Christmas traditions and carol-singing would no longer be permitted. The Washington Post summarized the decision: "No teaching of Christmas customs, no celebrations and no Christmas caroling". It is not an isolated incident. A Woolworth's store in Germany also scrapped Christmas decorations, telling customers that the shop "is now Muslim".

In Britain, David Isaac, the new head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), told employers that they should not suppress Christian tradition out of fear of offending anyone. Previously, Dame Louise Casey, the British government's integration "tsar", warned that "traditions such as Christmas celebrations will die out unless people stand up for British values".

In many Spanish towns, such as Cenicientos, the municipality of this Autonomous Community of Madrid removed the Christian Stations of the Cross. Then, Madrid's mayor, Manuela Carmena, decided to remove the city's traditional Nativity display at the Puerta de Alcalá.
Muslims are also reclaiming "the mosque of Cordoba".

Authorities in the southern Spanish city recently dealt a blow to the claim of ownership of the cathedral by the Catholic Church. Built on the site of Saint Vincent's church, it then served as a mosque for over 400 years when Islamic Spain was part of a caliphate, before the Christian kingdom of Castile conquered the city and converted it again into a church. Now Islamists want it back.

Muslims are also reclaiming "the mosque of Cordoba". Authorities in the southern Spanish city recently dealt a blow to the claim of ownership of the cathedral by the Catholic Church. Built on the site of Saint Vincent's church, it then served as a mosque for over 400 years when Islamic Spain was part of a caliphate, before the Christian kingdom of Castile conquered the city and converted it again into a church. (Image source: James (Jim) Gordon/Wikimedia Commons)

Belgium, the most Islamized democracy in Europe, is also purging its Christian heritage. The Nativity, the traditional manger scene, has not been put up in the Belgian town of Holsbeek, just outside Brussels. Claims were scenes it was scrapped to "avoid offending Muslims".

As reported by the newspaper La Libre, school calendars within Belgium's French speaking community are also using a new secularized terminology: All Saints Day (Congés de Toussaint) is now be referred to as Autumn Leave (Congé d'automne); Christmas Vacation (Vacances de Noël) is now Winter Vacation (Vacances d'hiver); Lenten Vacation (Congés de Carnaval) is now Rest and Relaxation Leave (Congé de détente); and Easter (Vacances de Pâques) is now Spring Vacation (Vacances de Printemps). Then Belgium installed an abstract, de-Christianized Christmas tree in the capital, Brussels.

In the Netherlands, the Christian tradition of Black Pete is under attack and it will soon be abolished. In Italy, Catholic priests this year canceled Christmas to "avoid offending Muslims".

The final result of Europe's self-destructive secularism could seriously be a Caliphate, in which the fate of its ancient and beautiful churches recapitulates those in Constantinople, where the Hagia Sophia, for thousand years Christianity's greatest cathedral, was recently turned into a mosque.

The muezzin's call now reverberates inside this Christian landmark for the first time in 85 years. Islamic terrorists targeted Christmas in Berlin, but it is the Christian secularists who are abolishing it all over Europe. utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+%28zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+ enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero%29

Pakistan v Israel

Pakistan Minister threatens Nuclear War with Israel over Fake News story, by James Ledbetter, 12/26/16, Nuclear war was avoided over the Christmas holidays, but things could have gotten bad due to fake news story Pakistan Defense Minister Tweets Threat to Israel in Response to -

CNN: According to CNN, the world came close to seeing a #nuclear war between 
Pakistan and Israel. And what was the cause? A fake news story published by AWD News on Tuesday Infuriated Pakistan, experts say. The story angered Pakistan enough to almost declare war with Israel.

In the story, Former Israeli defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, was quoted as saying he would destroy Pakistan. The story was false of course. Yet, Pakistan took it as gospel. In a tit-for-tat scenario, both countries threatened one another over the satire piece. However, the story was not marked as satire. Due to lack of correct labeling, the outcome could have been devastating.

Fake news affecting real events: According to CNN, the Democratic Party is blaming "fake news" for Clinton losing, but Cnn is not innocent in the fake news scandals. According to the GATEWAY, in November, CNN interviewed their own camera man as an enraged protester. Many were quick to identify the CNN cameraman as "John," a cameraman for CNN for years. Yet, though that situation did not cause controversy, many fake news articles do.

NBC did a segment back in 1992. The story was about GMC trucks exploding on impact. The NBC staff rigged a car with road flairs that t-boned the truck in the story. Both truck and car were engulfed in flames within seconds. The fake news story caused GMC stocks to fall.
The story that almost caused war

In the article, AWD said that Israel planned to destroy Pakistan if they got involved in the Syrian conflict. According to CNN, Israel never said that. The story was fabricated and mislabeled. Pakistan retaliated with threats of nuclear war against Israel. According to Haaretz news, This whole situation could have been avoided with the proper label put on the article.

According to Haaretz, anyone who knows Israeli policy knows Israel never admitted to having nuclear arms. So Israel threatening nuclear war would be out of their character. As the war on false news roars to its apex, properly vetted news stories can stop the insanity. While Facebook has the right idea, vetting must be done by professional fact checkers.


Why would Israel pick a fight with Pakistan? Why should Pakistan care if Israel joined in to defeat ISIS in Syria? Why isn’t Pakistan doing anything to defeat ISIS? 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader