Saturday, May 27, 2017

Muslim Abuse in UK

The UK has been hiding its Muslim problem for decades. UK news media hides stories about Muslims committing crimes, atrocities and mayhem. The police are barred from mentioning these incidents. The same is true in Germany and many other European countries. 

The Manchester bombing coverage in the US media was an inconvenient truth. UK law was written by the EU and the UN and imposed Muslim coddling and appeasement. Like France and other countries, the UK has been importing welfare Muslims for decades.  The Muslim kids have ruined the UK public schools completely and elected officials have done nothing to fix this.

The UK is delusional and brainwashed with politically correct myths imposed by the UN and its subsidiary the EU. Stockholm syndrome is alive and well with UK citizens’ defense of socialism and its “right” to healthcare. We hope that the transition from the EU by the UK will erode the UN myths and restore the UK and its free market economy. It will require the UK government to withdraw from its “nanny-state” policies and restore families to perform these nanny-duties.  Government bureaucrats will need to get real jobs in the UK private sector. Sharia law needs to be banned in the UK and no-go zones need to be reclaimed by the UK police. Pre-EU UK laws need to be restored.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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