Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vote for Karen Handel

A Very Important Message from Scott Wheeler, author, producer, former investigative journalist and GOP Trust Executive Director, 5/25/17

The Democrats have a huge problem now.  Yesterday the story broke that the Obama administration was spying on Americans.  Now the Democrats are trying to threaten President Trump using the false Russian story so that President Trump won't further investigate how Obama weaponized government agencies against conservatives.

As we have been reporting to you, the Democrat Party is pulling out all stops to win the special election in Georgia's sixth district-if they are successful it will be one more vote for the impeachment of President Trump. That is the Democrat Party's end game.

The Democrats want this seat so they have one more vote for higher taxes, more wasteful spending, and to keep Obamacare's boot on the throats of productive people.

This special election has already become the most expensive race for a U.S. House seat in history because Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, and progressives have poured more than ten million dollars into this election so far and are sending another two million plus a huge staff to help the dishonest, progressive Jon Ossoff win a seat that has been held by a conservative for decades.

The special election is June 20th. That does not leave us much time. According to a recent poll, Ossoff is pulling ahead of conservative, pro-life Republican Karen Handel. But this is a seat we can win because it is a very conservative district. What we must do is get those conservatives to the polls on June 20th.


That will require a strong ground game, and some ads that expose Ossoff for what he is--a tool of the corrupt Democrat Party and another vote for the Democrats scheme to impeach the president.

Progressive Ossoff is pretending to be moderate, which is one of the reasons he is in the lead, but the main reason is that conservatives in the district have yet to realize the threat that Ossoff poses to our liberty.

We need everyone to help out. ( 

We need to get more ads on the air, and get more people working on the ground there in Georgia six. I just returned from there and will be heading back there soon, but right now we need your help to get this funded. This is an important election and the media and Democrats can't wait to report to the nation that President Trump is losing Republican held seats in congress.

Here is what the progressive Huffington Post said about the Democrats' latest efforts to win this election: "The moves show how eager the Democratic Party is to win this race, in part because it's one of the first congressional elections since Trump became president."

We do not have much time to win this and have a conservative hold this important seat. As you know, we have been one of the most effective PACs against the Democrats. We have produced and aired award-winning television ads, as well as creating and promoting ideas that protect liberty and the Constitution. Democrats have been attacking us for years because we have been the most effective weapon against their radical ideas, corruption, and cover-ups.

However, we can only be effective with your help. Over the years it has been you who have provided us with the resources to be as effective as we have been.  Now more than ever it is important for us to fight harder because if Democrats get power back they will be even more dangerous than they have been.

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