Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Border Wall Ban in Budget

If this doesn't move you to take action, I'm not sure what will... Grassfire's Liberty News is reporting that Paul Ryan's Dirty Deal to fund the government EXPLICITLY BANS that any funds be used for construction of the border wall!

We have been reporting to you for weeks that Ryan was working on this dirty deal. It's bad enough that Ryan and the RINOs teamed with Pelosi and the Democrats to craft a backroom deal to block President Trump's requested $1 billion to start construction. But now we have learned that Ryan's deal goes so far as to PROHIBIT ANY FUNDS from being used to build a border wall!

And the Establishment is LAUGHING AT US. Reports indicate that Ryan's Dirty Deal adds BILLIONS for new Democrat "domestic spending" (i.e. Big Government welfare state) programs. Pelosi said her deal with Ryan is a "defeat for President Trump" that secures "key victories for Democratic priorities." Schumer added, "We had a strategy and it worked." What Drudge featured this morning says it all.

We must OBJECT to Ryan's Dirty Deal! Your members of Congress must hear from you on this Dirty Deal. Congress is scheduled to vote TOMORROW (Wednesday), we have just a few hours to take action.

Fax key members of Congress right now and tell them you object to Ryan's dirty deal that does not fund the border wall. Go here now to schedule your faxes and save up to 40% when you expand your impact

This is one of the most outrageous betrayals we have ever seen. The Washington Post is even laughing, calling this a "lopsided victory" for Democrats and saying it "set[s] the stage to block President Trump's legislative priorities for years to come."

Ryan is betraying us again. Democrats are laughing. I hope you are outraged enough to take action!

Steve Elliott, Grassfite


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