Friday, May 5, 2017

Border Wall Truth

CONFIRMED: Trump Administration Makes Shock Border Wall Announcement

The media is LYING about Trump’s border wall. Hundreds of millions of dollars were just allocated towards a massive steel wall to start securing the border. In addition, President

Trump officially confirmed that the wall will be fully-funded and constructed during his presidency. (via Washington Times).

President Trump declared the spending proposal for the upgrade a win, claiming it is “enough money to make a down payment on the border wall.”

Construction of the wall has already begun, and 40 miles of the border are planned to be reinforced.

Currently, about one-third of the southern border is secured by fencing. The majority of the border is only blocked by a flimsy, chain link fence.

The new spending bill will provide the resources to replace miles of the chain link fence with a 20-foot tall steel wall reinforced with concrete foundations.

The director of the White House budget office, Mick Mulvaney, announced the planned wall during a recent press conference. He explained that this is just the beginning of the president’s plan to secure the border.

Mulvaney explained that the current fencing does not prevent drug smugglers or illegal immigrants from crossing the border, and that the new steel wall will.

The budget officer also explained why the White House agreed to a budget without the full spending for a wall; “We realized it was almost impossible, if not impossible, to actually get bricks and mortar on the ground in five months, so why start fighting about it now. Let’s focus on thing we can do in this fiscal year, in the next five months, to secure the border. So we thought that was a nice pickup for us.”

The steel wall is a win for President Trump, but more importantly, it is a win for the American people. We finally have a president who values the security of the borders, and he is doing everything in his power to protect us from predators abusing the border.

The steel wall is just the beginning and it will lay the groundwork for the future brick and mortar project. President Trump has promised that the wall will be built by the end of his first term.

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