Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ending the Fed

The Federal Reserve needs to be disbanded very carefully. This group of “independent” private bankers and economists have wreaked havoc on the US economy since 1913 and all we got was inflation. 

We would have been far better off with a free market economy and a small government. The free market should be allowed to determine interest rates.

Money printing by the Fed has resulted in a 450% increase in the money supply.  This is tied up in big banks to satisfy their liquidity requirements and is being used to prop up the stock market. 

The US population is living on credit.  The national debt is $20 trillion and unfunded government liabilities are around $150 trillion.

Government subsidies must end to allow the free market to determine prices. We have already ruined education and healthcare with subsidies. These subsidies have caused the cost of education and healthcare to skyrocket. These costs are unsustainable and will result in crashing these service industries until the free market sets the price for these services.

Getting out of the “managed economy” trap needs to be done carefully. Government spending needs to be cut to deliver a balanced budget.  Government needs to reduce its footprint and give most of what it does back to the private sector. The national debt needs to be paid down to sustainable levels.  The US government must never run out of cash or it’s dead.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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