Friday, May 12, 2017

Georgia Legislature

Georgia legislation continues to be dictated by our big companies who adopted UN “values” under Obama and haven’t yet made the turn to Trump’s populist policies.

The good news and the bad news is that Georgia is slow to change. They were wise enough to leave the LGBT bathroom scam alone, but they continue to be blackmailed by big corporations when it comes to conflicts with anti-discrimination scams.

If Georgia is sovereign, then its laws should be determined by the voters.

Georgia plans to spend $25 billion in 2018 and has in past years received another $21 billion in federal grants.

The good news is that Georgia is running a surplus. 

The bad news is that Georgia is planning to spend 56% of its budget on Education, 21% on Healthcare and 4.8% on debt service. That’s 82% of the budget or $20 billion. Roads get $2 billion and they’ve let costs go through the roof.

The other $3 billion is spent on things we don’t see.
The State spends $billions on busy-body functions and pays for a boat-load of lawyers, social workers, promoters and bureaucrats.

Georgia needs to admit that families are responsible for their own members and they don’t have to create government departments to prevent bad things from happening.  They also need to repeal every law that interferes with Georgia public schools and universities and reduce funding for these sand-holes by slowing new construction of new schools, which is where most of the money goes.

Georgia needs to spend more on highways, roads and water reservoirs and have counties spend more on water distribution and sewer pipes to end the sink-hole plague that damages the roads. The budget for roads is $2 billion,

Metro Atlanta has the worst road and highway configuration in the nation.  It works if the metro population is 3 million, but not if it is 6 million. Metro Atlanta can choose to expand the highway system to work for local and interstate traffic or find a way to move 3 million people out of Metro Atlanta.

Georgia is suffering from “smart growth” mal-investment and needs to stop promoting it and let those small commercial areas of our cities pay for their own density, greenspace and bike-lanes with their own tax increases and then get voted out of office.

Georgia needs to defund public transit and leave it to the private sector or the counties who built MARTA to pay for it themselves.

Georgia needs to stop ticket gouging and has taken traffic tickets from $35 to $75 to $300 and more.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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