Friday, May 19, 2017

Republicans Need a Spine

A Very Important Message from Scott Wheeler author, producer, former investigative journalist, and GOP Trust Executive Director

Atlanta, Thursday morning

We have been reporting to you since the election in November that even though Republicans had majorities in the House and the Senate, and Donald Trump had just won the presidency, Democrats still control our nation and government. The most recent evidence of this occurred yesterday when an independent counsel was appointed to investigate the non-existent "collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia.

You may also recall that we have been reporting to you long before the election that Hillary Clinton had deep and significant connections to Russia and Putin and that she and people close to her had accepted tens of millions of dollars from Russian entities.

So how is it President Trump is being investigated for ties Russia? Democrats and their media allies made it up. We have been explaining since November that the entire Russia/Trump story was being used to take the focus off of Hillary Clinton's corruption and shift it to President Trump and other Republicans. Democrats have a history of accusing their opposition of the things they are guilty of.

Look at what they have been able to accomplish: Hillary Clinton took millions in bribe money from Russia, and yet based on a lie made up by Democrats there is now a special prosecutor investigating President Trump. That in itself implies that there is evidence of criminal activity--even though there is none involving Trump.

The great Lou Dobbs declared that this is war on his Fox Business show, and indeed it is. Now the question is are you going to get in the trenches and help us fight? We are the only group capable of carrying out the type of counter-offensive that will stop the corrupt Democrats and their media allies and expose them for what they are.

We have two major agenda items that we need to get done: One is we need a media counter-offensive that includes video ambushes of the media; targeted attacks on their lies; use of ridicule and satire to mock them.
In short, we need to use their tactics against them--only we know how to do that.

Next, we have to win the special election for Georgia 6, the Democrat progressive, Jon Ossoff is currently leading by about 2 points, we need to get our ground game going and get some radio ads on the air now. We are counting on you, I hope you can help.


We need Republicans in Congress who are smart enough to stop Democrat witch-hunts. We saw European politicians who were unable to stop causing harm by not rejecting truly ridiculous and dangerous ideas.  We deserve better.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader 

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