Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Campus Cult

The Liberalist Church is a Cult controlled by Communists who have infiltrated government, universities and the media to transform the US into a Socialist State.  It is not based on reality, but is instead based on ideology and a failed economic system called socialism or communism.

In cults, lost souls are attracted by big lies told by the “prophet” who is perpetrating the scam. They are inundated with propaganda and brainwashed to believe and repeat the “narrative” espoused by the “prophet”.

On campuses, the “prophet” is a legion of Communist professors and administrators and the Liberal politicians who protect them. They charge too much to attend and their degrees are worthless in the private sector. They should be going broke, but the propaganda that everyone “needed” a college degree was well employed by our destroyers.

Their narrative is “kindness”, but the end result is economic collapse, starvation and violence.  That’s how communist countries start and in many cases that’s how they end. Just look a Venezuela, a failed socialist state.

The seduction used to gather cult members is “free stuff” using other peoples’ money.

It takes a long time to deprogram cult victims.  College grads report that it takes a year or two in the private sector before this is accomplished.  Those cult victims who are in Communist or Liberal families never seem to recover.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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