Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Russian Ruse

A ruse is a cunning ploy using subterfuge. The Russian ruse is Fake News aimed at the Trump Presidency. It is part of the Communist Alynsky-type attack to discredit Trump and continue their advance to “transforming” the US into a full-fledged Socialist Republic any way they can.

The Russians have been known to interfere with the elections in other countries, but so did Obama in Israel and so did the US in South America and so does everybody else.  Propaganda flows freely across national borders and some nations routinely send propaganda into other countries.  US sponsored Radio-free Europe and did just that.

The obvious connection between Russia and Europe or the US is that it is now a Christian country. When the USSR folded and the Communist Party outlawed, the Russian Orthodox Catholic Church was allowed to restore itself. There is a long history of Russia as a European country.

Trump and Putin appeared to agree that UN Agenda 21 globalism should not advance in the US or Russia. Trump expressed an interest in having Russia’s help to defeat ISIS in Syria and elsewhere. Trump had also excused Russia’s takeover of the Crimea by citing that their citizens voted 80% to be annexed.

Trump also warned Russia not to interfere with Ukraine.  He was also wary of Russia’s connections to Iran. Trump limited his response to gassing in Syria to a single air strike. Trump believes in the role of nation-states to protect its borders and control immigration. Trump understands that the private sector economies need to be expanded and governments contracted to restore the economies of these nation-states.

Russia’s reaction to expanding their private sector is mixed. It appears that Russia is controlled by an oligarchy of oil millionaires who aren’t that interested in the Russian people and Putin has been “their man”.

Trump is holding to his belief that nation-states should be sovereign and self-determined.  That tempers his dealings with other countries, but he will seek to influence them by making bi-lateral agreements and deals. We are blessed to have Trump in the Whitehouse to push back the expansion of socialism and restore the US free market economy.

The Russian ruse started when Wikileaks released the DNC emails before November 2016. The Democrats said it was the Russians and Wikileaks hinted that it was a disgruntled DNC staffer.

We are now into the 4th week of the Russian ruse on Fox News and everywhere else and all we are doing is giving the Liberals “face-time to propagandize when we should be ignoring them.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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