Friday, May 5, 2017

Career Advice

It’s very important that you like your job. There is no reason to stay in a job you don’t like.  All successful people are doing jobs they love.  When you love what you do, you are fulfilling your aspirations and are living optimally.  It’s imperative that you take personal responsibility for your life. 

You need to be yourself and exercise your free will to control your life as much as possible. You need a job that will help you develop your God-given talents.  You need a job that is fulfilling.

If you know what you love to do you may not need extra help, but if you want to explore what you might like to do, you can take any number of tests on line.

The Strong Campbell Career Interest Test will give you some idea of what careers and environments you have a preference for. The Kuder Occupational Interest Survey is another good test. You can access these tests on line.

There are many other tests that will give you clues you may need to pick a career. The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) developed by Art Miller has you describe your most notable accomplishments throughout your life to see how these are related. The Myers Briggs Personality Test measures personality traits and is free on line. The DISC Test measures personality style.  All of these tests give you clues about what jobs might fit you best. You need to answer the questions on these tests honestly to get the most accurate information.

People who need jobs need to take action. The economy has been struggling since 2008 and many people continue to struggle to become self-supporting.

Our work is very important to each of us personally.  If we are happy in our work, we are more apt to be happy in our life.  Work is necessary and can be a source of joy.. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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