Tuesday, May 9, 2017

French Election 2017

Emmanuel Macron got 20.75 million votes (66%)   He proposed continuing the refugee invasion and staying in the EU. He won the big cities that live in the globalist bubble.

Marine Le Pen got 10.64 million votes (34%)  She proposed ending the refugee invasion and quitting the EU. She won the rural areas that have suffered the most abuse.

Refusing to vote, 11 million voters chose not to vote. The population of France is 65 million. Apparently only 42.4 million are voters (20.75+10.64+11).

The French Liberals are welcoming the Muslim take-over that is in its 4th decade and surrendering its sovereignty to the EU and continuing to allow the EU to impose more crazy UN ideas. The French Parliament is functioning as the French Chamber of Communists.

Conservative Brits are beginning to admit that their own Muslim invasion has been a disaster and that their political leaders have a policy of submission to Islam. Both France and the UK have large “no-go” areas and have allowed Sharia Law in these areas. 

France officially reports a Muslim population of 8%, but Pam Geller says it’s more like 15 million.  Christians are 45% and No-Religion is 45%.

France has first generation and second generation immigrants.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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