Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Murder in Boston by Immigrant

IMMIGRANT WHO 'KILLED BOSTON DOCTORS' HAS BANK-ROBBING RAPSHEET 'Why wasn't this guy deported?' Outrage after convicted criminal allowed to stay in U.S. by Chelsea Schilling, 5/8/17, WND

A West African immigrant who is accused of slashing the throats of two well-respected doctors in South Boston on Friday has a history of bank robberies and was just released from prison in April.

Police found Bampumim Teixeira, who is a legal permanent resident, inside a $1.9 million condo belonging to anesthesiologists Lina Bolanos, 38, and Richard Field, 49.Bolanos and Field, who were engaged to be married, were dead inside the 11th-floor luxury penthouse. Their hands were bound, their throats slashed and the walls smeared with blood and a “message of retribution.”

“These are two well-respected people killed in their penthouse apartment,” said the Boston police commissioner.

Teixeira, 30, who worked as a security guard, engaged in a firefight with police. The suspect was shot in his stomach, hand and leg, but he did not die. Authorities found a backpack full of jewelry belonging to Bolanos at the scene.

“[Police] opened up the door and shots were fired at them,” the police commissioner said. “I mean, you have a guy here who just killed two people, and he had nothing to lose.”

Concerning Teixeira’s immigration status, Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark told Heavy.com: “From what I gather, Texeira is a lawful permanent resident. Questions about immigration law and sanctions are best posed to federal authorities such as ICE, since state prosecutors have no jurisdiction or standing in those matters.”

But Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the Daily Caller: “ICE has no legal position with regard to this individual at this time, although we will continue to monitor the matter in case his criminal charges change his legal disposition.”

In fact, Teixeira was fresh out of prison in April, according to his ex-girlfriend, who said he served a nine months in prison for robbing two banks. Teixeira pleaded guilty in September 2016 to two counts of larceny. During both of the robberies – which took place at the same bank – the man did not carry a gun, and he passed notes to bank employees demanding money. He was originally sentenced to 364 days in prison, but the rest of his sentence was suspended after he served nine months.

Had Teixeira been deported after the two bank robberies, Bolanos and Field might still be alive today. On Monday, Jeffrey Kuhner, host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM 680, blasted the judge who allowed Teixeira to escape deportation.

“According to what law-enforcement sources are telling me, he is apparently a green-card holder …,” Kuhner said. “The one thing they stress to you when you have a green card is, you’re a ‘permanent resident,’ but it’s not permanent if you’re not law-abiding. In other words, if you break the law, if you commit a crime, your green card should be revoked. Then obviously if your green card is revoked, then ipso facto, you should be deported. Why wasn’t this guy deported?

“He committed the crime. … He was convicted of it. He was sentenced to prison. He, in fact, even had probation on top of prison. So why was the green card not rescinded? Now the question may lie with the judge.”
Teixeira’s ex-girlfriend, who has not been named, told the Boston Globe he was born in Guinea-Bissau and was raised in Cape Verde, an island country off Africa’s west coast. He moved to the Boston area with his aunt when he was in his 20s. But Teixeira and his aunt had a fight, and the man became homeless, living in shelters for a time.

She described the suspected killer as a “gentleman” who was never violent. Teixeira reportedly broke up with the woman after six months of dating for no apparent reason, telling her he’s “not a good person.”

When the ex-girlfriend learned of his bank-robbing history, she asked him why he didn’t rob her.“He said, ‘No, I don’t steal from people. I rob banks,” the woman told the Globe. ” I said, ‘OK – but you don’t hurt people, right? He said, ‘No, no, no, I wouldn’t do something like that.'”

Teixeira was arraigned May 8 while he remained in a hospital bed at Tufts Medical Center. He is being charged with two counts of murder.

At the arraignment Monday, “not-guilty pleas to two counts of murder were entered for Teixeira, of Chelsea, who kept his eyes closed throughout his arraignment,” reported the Associated Press. Teixeira was ordered held without bail.

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