Monday, May 1, 2017

Gowdy Warns Leakers

Trey Gowdy’s latest comment sent a big time message to Obama and the deep state

Scandals about illegal leaks and Obama’s spying have dominated the first few months of the Trump administration. Conservatives believe these leaks about surveillance were done to damage the Trump administration.

Trey Gowdy just put Obama and the deep state on notice that they will be held accountable for their actions. Gowdy recently gave a public talk where he answered questions from the audience.

One audience member asked him about government spying and the leaks of classified information. Gowdy responded that both were serious issues and that illegal leaks were a criminal offense. reported him saying: “I’m probably going to reconcile that balancing different from other people based on my background,” Gowdy said. “If there’s going to be an overcorrection I’m probably going to overcorrect toward national security. Why? Because you do have free speech, freedom to have the government seek a warrant in most instances, freedom of a jury trial, right to council and not one of those rights is of much use to you if you’re dead.”

Gowdy also commented on the use of “classified information” in media outlets. “You want your government protecting you,” Gowdy said before commenting on “things being leaked on the front pages of major newspapers that are supposed to remain classified and secret because they involve U.S. persons.

“This agreement that we’ve made with government that we will give you power but you have to treat it responsibly and safeguard our privacy, that agreement is subject to be renegotiated,” Gowdy said. “You want us to defend reauthorization programs, take the leaks seriously and do something about them. It’s a felony to desseminate classified information.”

Illegal leaks of classified surveillance became a hot-button issue when The Washington Post reported that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was caught on surveillance speaking to the Russian Ambassador. No one alleged any wrongdoing on Flynn’s part but Flynn being on surveillance was classified. And his identity should have been kept secret unless it served an intelligence purpose.

The illegal leak forced Flynn to resign. It was reported he was not entirely truthful with Vice President Mike Pence on the nature of his call. Whatever Flynn’s level of honesty, and his conversations were illegally leaked for political purposes. Conservatives accused Obama supporters in the deep state of being behind the leak.

Congressman Gowdy sits on the House Intelligence Committee and they have expanded their probe of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election to the illegal leaks that have plagued the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

Gowdy’s remarks were shot across the bow of the leakers that he will use his authority to hold them accountable for violating the rights of American citizens by committing criminal acts.

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