Monday, May 1, 2017

The Fox Team

The Fox Team has always been fielded to score and defend. Bill O’Reilly’s long running show was designed to stop “political spin” and confront the “culture war”.  Glen Beck exposed the globalist, communist scam in detail.  Governor Mike Huckabee hosted an entertaining show with a moral message. Fox served as America’s life line through the dark years and is now better than ever.

Fox has expanded over time to include the most impressive group ever assembled on TV. They mix and match on multiple shows and times and appear to be having a great time doing that.

The Greg Gutfeld show is hilarious and his live audience attests to the popularity of this show. Greg is also a “spark-plug member of “The Five”. Jesse Watters interviews uninformed, vacuous voters on campus and on the street. Tucker Carlson asks specific question to “left-wingers” and they never answer his questions; they just continue to spew liberal talking points and look bad. Fox & Friends continues to dominate morning TV with Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmaede and Ansley Earhardt.

Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Michelle Malkin, Stuart Varney and Judge Jeanine are unapologetic Trump supporters.

On the news side, Neal Cavuto, Bret Bair and Charles Payne are staples. Charles Krauthammer is indispensable.

Kennedy, Maria Bartiromo, Harris Faulkner, Dana Perino, Heather Nauert, Martha MacCallum, Kimberly Guifoyle, Julie Banderas and Lisa Boothe continue to stand out.

But these dominant stars are not alone.  There is a deep bench at Fox. There are dozens of other stars and they are doing their part to continue to expand Fox.  

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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