Thursday, May 11, 2017

States’ Rights

Trump inherited a federal government that is large and has dominated States with $billions in federal grants with Liberal strings attached.  Trump should be looking to cut a lot of these grant funds, but he is also re-stringing some of them. The removal of “sanctuary cities” is one example of re-stringing the grants. He is requiring local law enforcement to follow federal law and assist ICE to deport or incarcerate criminal illegal aliens.

Trump will use the over-reaching federal government to achieve his objectives and that’s exactly what he should do.

Trump will use States’ Rights to return federal lands to states, especially where we need to drill for oil and gas or mine minerals.  He may restore the US timber industry and provide more land for ranchers and farmers to use.

We are re-establishing our federal government to be more compliant with the US Constitution (as written). This is making the Liberals crazy. 

It could take a while to undo the damage Liberals have done, but our chances of doing this will better if Republicans can replace 8 Democrat Senators with Republican Senators in 2018. We could also replace a Liberal Supreme Court Judge with another “Originalist” like Gorsuch soon.  Trump is currently selecting 129 “originalist” federal judges.

Trump needs to use the overbearing federal government he inherited in order to force constitutional compliance before he can restore States’ Rights, because several States are broken. California and Illinois are out of control and both need to stop overspending and overregulating.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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