Thursday, February 23, 2017

Advice for Trump

8 THINGS TRUMP SHOULD DO NOW, Exclusive: Joseph Farah finally has a president who just might take his advice, by Joseph Farah, 2/22/17, WND

Who am I to advise Donald Trump? Nobody. Quite honestly, no one alive today has better instincts than the president. And no one alive today has seen a president with better instincts about what’s best for the country.

Ronald Reagan was close. But he trusted the Washington establishment too much. What else could explain his choice of George H.W. Bush, the former director of the CIA, as his vice president and James Baker as his chief of staff?

Nevertheless, I suppose because I am so appreciative of the change Trump brought to Washington, admire so much his determination to implement dramatically new policies and, with a few rare exceptions, am joyfully enamored over his key staffing decisions, my counsel will be the best I can offer.
·       The hiring freeze on non-essential federal employees was a great start. It should be continued. I could never understand why the federal government should have any non-essential employees. I can tell you I don’t have any non-essential staff in my company. I don’t even have enough essential staff. There are three reasons this Trump freeze makes sense: 1) The federal government is much too large; 2) every second of every day, Washington is digging a bigger debt hole with, until now, no real plan to stop digging; and 3) without a freeze, most of those “non-essential” employees would be hired by those in Washington who are fighting the Trump Revolution tooth and nail.
·       There needs to be a much more aggressive effort to fire anyone and everyone working in the federal government who are political appointees and carryovers from the past. Trump has too many enemies inside the beast. He has a former president who is leading the community organizers (something he’s actually qualified to do) to undermine Trump’s every move. Never mind waiting until the president has replacements ready. These people are not going to become his friends and allies. The sooner they’re gone, the better off Trump’s core team will be. And, again, we’re saving the taxpayers from more debt with every single salary removed from the books.
·       He needs to keep the pressure on the Republican Congress to move forward on the repeal of Obamacare. It’s still hurting the country – every day, every week, every month it hangs over our heads. Likewise, while some of us are working on our 2016 taxes, it’s a good time to start moving forward with plans for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, which is more invasive and corrupt than it has ever been in the nation’s history.
·       Trump needs to clean house when it comes to the intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA and NSA. The deliberate leaks coming from there are shameful and deliberate and have one goal in mind – undermining Trump.
·       Make sure his Secret Service is 100 percent trustworthy with no weak links. It is shocking, appalling and more than a little scary that there have been so many open threats made against this president in his first month in office. Every one should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
·       The debt truly is a time bomb. Trump’s financial geniuses should be developing a plan – beyond just growing the economy. He has the right approach on regulations – dropping two for every new one put in place. The same attitude should be aggressively enforced on new spending initiatives.
·       Don’t ever give up on helping those who have been most exploited by past administrations – Democrat and Republican – those in the inner cities. I love that Trump really seems to have a heart for lifting people up, encouraging them to achieve and work hard. But the deck is badly stacked against the urban poor with lousy schools and unsafe neighborhoods and solidly Democratic rule at the local level. Maybe it’s finally time for declaring enterprise zones with tax benefits for businesses that are willing to invest in truly helping the needy.
·       Enlist the churches to help. Remove their shackles. Encourage them not to be afraid to re-engage in their culture and at the community level where they can not only feed the poor, cloth the naked and visit their brothers and sisters in prisons, but to offer some accountability and counseling.
Again, just my two cents.

It was pointless to offer this kind of advice to anyone in the White House for the last 28 years, Its no longer pointless. We have someone there with great instincts who, I believe, really has a passion for making American great again.

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