Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Democrats Dislike Trump

The primary reason Democrats don’t like Trump is that he is not a “Socialist”. He is a Constitutional Conservative and Populist, who is fully capable of making Democrats unnecessary. Trump is not a supporter of UN globalist policies or European Socialist policies. He is immune to political correctness and is not beholden to the established power structure. He is a “free market” advocate and is finding it easy to fix the US economy by simply limiting immigration, lowering corporate taxes, rolling back unnecessary regulations and reversing Democrat policies. He is putting American workers’ interests ahead of suicidal European “values”.

Want really makes them mad is that Trump is now using the massive federal government Democrats created to reverse all the Private Sector Job Killing policies the Democrats and RINOs have enacted over the last several decades.  He is using the power of government to restore US manufacturing. He knows you can’t have a good economy without manufacturing   He is personally engaging manufacturing companies to restore and expand US operations. He is going after overcharges in federal contracts and will continue to do this.

Trump is a “Free Enterpriser”, who understands that government needs to shrink and the Private Sector needs to expand, otherwise, the US would continue its economic decline. At the same time, Trump will cut government spending everywhere he can, to bring the budget into balance. He will personally reduce government waste every day he is in office to get ready to tackle the debt.

Once our economy is restored and these policies are reversed, we should begin to see Trump go after our bankrupt socialist systems and add debt repayment line-item to the federal budget.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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