Sunday, February 26, 2017

Private Sector Priority

If you look at the data on different countries, look for the countries with the lowest debt, smallest government and largest private sector.  The private sector pays for the government and the less it has to pay, the more it can let the private sector reinvest in its businesses to make them more competitive.

In Russia, Africa and the Middle Eastern Arab countries, the government owns their oil and gas businesses and the populations are subsidized on welfare. These citizens need property rights, the rule of law and a larger private sector. Even poor countries can allow families to grow food and should be expanding economic self-reliance.

All freedoms stem from economic self-reliance. If you are not free to support yourself and your family, you are not free. Many 3rd world countries have populations that are distracted by their tribal cultures and barred by government laws are stuck in poverty.  Many Communist and socialist countries have some form of private sector activity, because they need it to support their unsustainable socialism.

Cash is king in all countries and cash-flow must be maintained.  It is easier to maintain if their national debt is low. Look at Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Greece and the general economic weakness of many other European countries; UN policies and the Muslim invasion particularly have all but ruined Europe.

There are aberrations. China has allowed State-owned companies to form, to manufacture goods for export to the US.  These companies are owned by the Chinese government, but they can operate sufficiently to retain their US customers. China has a quasi-free market system operating in these government-owned bubbles. China also reformed their agricultural industries to give enough incentives to function. The Chinese are not free, but many are self-supporting. Without these reforms and a willing US market, China would still be a 3rd world country. Even some Communist countries recognize the value of a “private sector”.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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