Monday, April 3, 2017

Democrats have the Wrong Goals


The goal is not to make sure that everybody has health insurance.  The goal is to give everybody the freedom to buy health insurance or not.  Half the US population doesn’t really need to buy health insurance because they only spend $284 per year on medical expenses.


Those who choose to buy a health insurance policy should be able to buy “stop-loss” insurance that covers medically necessary rescue and repair with a high deductible, with a total lifetime maximum if they want. Buyers should be able to buy this coverage fairly cheaply for under $200 per year. They might be responsible for paying off a $10,000 hospital loan, but they will avoid having the hospital take their house.


Healthcare costs 4 times more than it should. It is overpriced and underperforming and needs to be reformed by the free market.



The goal is not to make sure that everybody graduates from high school.  The goal is to make sure that we have enough students graduating with the right skills to fill all of our jobs with people who love those jobs.


Graduation rates are no concern for business. Corporations have no reason to focus on the “bottom of the class”, when they don’t ever hire them.  Those students who choose to drop out should take whatever jobs they can get until they figure out what they want to do.  Then they will have to somehow learn the skills they will need to have and figure out how to pay for it themselves.


Liberal political propaganda in Education needs to end. Teaching Islam needs to end.  High tax subsidies for education need to end. Irrelevant non-occupational college majors need to end.  It’s too easy to be a self-learner by using the internet than to be paying a fortune in tuition and amass a huge student debt to get a junk degree. Our current system of   Education is overpriced and underperforming.


The US Economy

The goal is not to have an economy where everybody overspends and runs up debt. The goal is not to have government take on more functions, so that government overspends and runs up debt. A health economy requires low debt and low spending for individuals and governments. Whatever isn’t spend is saved and invested in assets that will appreciate over time.


The best economy is a private sector, free market economy where the consumer controls the price using the law of supply and demand. The only legitimate trade deals are bi-lateral and reciprocal. The only legitimate basic unit of the economy is the family.  A good economy requires private property rights and the rule of law.


The Environment

The goal is not to make things nice for the animals at the expense of the humans or to have government extort money from humans to pay to have their rights infringed.


Climate change is an unproven theory like evolution and governments should not spend a dime on what looks like a hoax.


The US Government

The federal government is broke. The National Debt is $20 trillion a year and unfunded liabilities are $100 trillion. All of this is due to government overspending. The government needs to cut spending in half.  The goal is to preserve the government if we can to come back much smaller than it has been.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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