Monday, April 3, 2017

Healthcare Cost Morbidity

Obamacare was an act of sovereign sabotage.  Dems passed it to fail, so they could get a one-payer, mandatory government controlled socialist healthcare system.


Obamacare shifted costs from the healthy to the sick, so that the cost of expensive treatments would continue to rise. But this puts the affordability of health insurance in an irreversible death spiral.


There are only two sets of actions that can be taken to reverse this health insurance cost spiral. The root causes are excessive government subsidies embedded in the system and the parasite enabling scams feeding on the system. If we want to return to lower healthcare costs and lower healthcare premiums we need to return to the policies we had when healthcare costs were sustainable.


The first actions that need to be taken include the corruption, waste and abuse in healthcare system.  Congress should remove eligibility for healthcare tax subsidies from illegal aliens and refugees. This will also begin to remove the incentives these unneeded groups have to invade the US.


Congress should ban malpractice suits to remove “defensive medicine. They should also require patients to pay the charges they incur in emergency rooms and hospitals. They should get interest free loans from these providers and pay monthly until the bill is paid.


County hospitals that are subsidized by county taxes would subsidize care at these hospitals.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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