Friday, April 7, 2017

I am an Anti-Establishment Republican

When I was age 10, I read a book called American Communist Party Goals (published in 1920). My family criticized Franklin Roosevelt for his socialist programs. I was raised to be an anti-socialist “Constitutional Conservative”.


There had always been two wings in the Republican Party. The Liberal Wing was called the Rockefeller Republicans.  I read “Conscious of a Conservative in 1964 and concluded that I was a Conservative Republican. I noticed that Republicans would campaign like a Conservative, but govern like a Democrat.  The split in the Republican Party goes back at least 60 years and may have been there from its beginning.


I like the Republican Platform, but I don’t like Republicans who don’t follow the Platform and don’t follow the US Constitution (as written).


I’ve seen “Republicans” campaign as Conservatives and then vote with the Democrat Liberals to help Democrats advance their agenda.  I’ve seen Republicans avoid the real issues and not attack them directly.


I believe the current campaign finance law continues to allow special interests to unduly influence legislation and other government actions. I oppose campaign contributions from any special interests. I believe that elected officials need to work for the voters.


I’ve seen Republicans bribed act as enablers to harmful Democrat initiatives including legislation like TPA fast track. I’ve seen “Republicans” refuse to demand needed reforms in how legislation is passed.


I’ve seen Republican names on the Council on Foreign Affairs roster and seen “Republicans” defend globalist schemes. I don’t believe in Internationalism and would remove it from the federal government’s list of things to do.


I am a Trump fan and have been since the first Republican Presidential Debate in 2016. Trump clearly ran against the Democrats and the Republican Elite.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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