Saturday, April 1, 2017

Special Interests


The Democrat Party is controlled by the UN and the American Communist Party. They get their funding from global Marxists and global corporations.


The Republican Party is divided between the Liberal Republican RINOs and the Constitutional Conservatives. They get their funding from the same global corporations. There is a small group in the US House that includes the Freedom Caucus and a smaller group in the US Senate led by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and others.


The Georgia Republican Party is controlled by RINOs who are controlled by the corporate special interests, who fund them with campaign contributions. They also support Democrat initiatives with pressure from Democrat surrogate organizations like the Sierra Club and other non-profits. They are obedient to all Liberal Democrat policies held by the global corporations.


The Constitutional Conservative opposition in the Georgia State government is extremely small, because the RINOs do not allow Conservatives to be elected.  If they are elected, they are targeted by the RINOs to lose the next election.


Georgia RINOs act like Democrats with their overwhelming resistance to Conservative infiltration.  Most Georgia Republicans are in rural counties and the RINOs make sure they have their own candidates running well ahead of any opposition in these counties. The RINOs learned their Machiavellian political tactics from having once been Democrats.


The larger metro areas like Atlanta and Savannah have significant Democrat populations, but have been unable to be successful since Reagan won in 1980. After that, all the Democrat politicians became Republicans, so they could win elections.


There is significant Conservative support in rural Georgia counties.  Alex Johnson, a Dunwoody GA Constitutional Conservative has run for GOP Chair twice and got 40% of the votes in 2013 and 45% of the votes in 2015.  He is running again on June 3, 2017 and could be elected.


The RINOs have used procedural gimmicks to defeat Alex in the past and could use these again this year, but the RINOs have no need for an active GOP in Georgia and really don’t want one. They prefer to campaign like Republicans and vote for special interest bills.


Georgia Democrats smell blood in the water, but they struggle to elect their own politicians because of the amount of baggage they usually carry.


Georgia is an interesting State to live in. We seem to thrive in spite of having a myriad of dysfunctional, corrupt government entities. 


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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