Monday, April 10, 2017

Media Pounding on Low Priorities

The objective is to spread Liberal Propaganda.


The US media is engaged in the third week of distraction, obsessing over baseless accusations of Trump’s collusion with Russia to win the election and Russia’s “interference” with the 2016 Presidential election.


The media spends all of their time “speculating” about “possible” culprits, motives and conclusions, and very little time digging out and reporting the facts. It’s as if the media wants to create “who done it” novels rather than informing the voters by covering the news. It’s a gossip column that gives reporters license to conjecture about events. This becomes Liberal propaganda, not news.


The outing of Podesta’s emails in WikiLeaks is being attributed to the Russians and has been denied.


The search for whoever released Gen Flynn’s wiretapped conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the Press is underway.


Neither of these witch-hunts are worth the hour by hour coverage they are receiving.  Attorney General, Jeff Sessions delegated the investigation of “collusion” to an assistant and Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee delegated his investigation to another member. I think they had more important things to do.


There are higher priorities for the media.  They should be covering all options being considered in the big issues like the Obamacare Repeal, the Corporate Tax Cuts, the Federal Budget and the elimination of Criminal Illegal Aliens.


Beyond that, we anticipate a further reduction in welfare immigrants like refugees and unskilled illegal aliens and the reduction of their welfare costs.


Now the media is obsessing over Trump’s air strikes in Syria and will add this to the irrelevant news.


The media likes to ask the same irrelevant questions. They concentrate on conjecture to continue to question the Trump Presidency.  The media does what is irrelevant but is interesting to them. 


Jobs will not return to US citizens until our current immigrant population is reduced markedly. Retail jobs are shrinking before pipeline and oil and gas jobs are created. The US should quit the UN Refugee program and cut federal funding of “sanctuary cities”.


Funding our own Demise


US taxpayers are subsidizing refugee resettlement, illegal aliens and immigrants who can’t support themselves. That includes terrorists, drug gangs and criminals.  The bill is $384 billion a year. It includes public schooling, healthcare, food stamps, rent support and other welfare payments for non-citizens. Cutting these benefits would save money and discourage welfare immigrants from staying in the US.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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