Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nation States

I believe in nation states and reject open borders and government imposed multiculturalism. Communities have formed over the centuries with people who chose to glom together. Grouping of communities developed to permit trade on a wider basis and include compatible groups. These groupings become nation states. 


Businesses have contended with different governments, different cultures and disruption for centuries. Businesses prefer stability and do not typically invest in countries where there is no rule of law to protect their contract rights or protect them from harm and abuse.


The citizens of the world are living where they are because their families chose to be there. They each have a culture and a set of rules they live by and some way to feed and shelter themselves. Those who wish to leave their homeland have been able to do so if they have the money. Countries typically allow these moves if these migrants can assimilate and become productive members of their communities.


No country wants migration by those who are poor or will not assimilate. Refugee status has always been temporary and localized until recently. Countries should resist open borders, multiculturalism and permanent refugees. The current migration is lethal, because Muslims are using it to conquer by migration to establish their caliphate.


Government involvement in determining where people should live never works out. The economy and culture of a people rests with the people.  You can’t put people who hate each other together in the same community.


Government should not be involved in revising history to support its narrative.  Education must be free of government to the extent that it can. 


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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