Thursday, April 6, 2017

Russian Hacking Narrative Collapses

As evidence of Russian hacking fails to emerge, and counter-evidence comes to light- the end of the Russian hacking deception by the left may open the way to better relations with Russia, and leave Donald Trump smelling like roses.

It started well before the election was completed in November, and the narrative raged on in the mainstream media right on up to and beyond the inauguration. Despite the fact that democrats and left leaning news outlets were unashamed at the lack of evidence, they continued to push the Russian hacking narrative with very little reservation.

From the very beginning, the Russian hacking claims were challenged by the fact that the sources of the story in the CIA and other intelligence agencies refused to present their evidence. We were told that should the evidence be brought to light, the people who had gathered the intel would be compromised. They said, “people could die” if they told us who collected the proof of Russians hacking the DNC and that national security would be compromised.

The dishonesty was grossly transparent and was oft compared to the post-911 claims that Saddam Hussein was in possession of WMDs with which he intended to attack the U.S. Today, that lie is totally exposed and the Russian hacking accusation came with a similar stink.

The ruse was made even more flimsy in light of the fact that still-president Barack Obama appeared all too anxious to antagonize Russia. He sanctioned them, ejected their diplomats from the U.S, and he spoke provocatively to Russian president, Vladamir Putin.

It was so obvious that it was an attempt to poison the Trump presidency that the international community was all but completely immunized to the lie. The general consensus, among serious-minded people, was just wait, Trump will sort it out.

At present, democrat and United Nations antagonization of Russia is making it difficult for the tension to diffuse. Still, Putin is clear that he wishes to work toward better relations with the U.S, and Trump has not wavered in his agreement.

But now, with the evidence that has come to light since Trump issued a tweet accusing Obama of authorizing ‘wiretapping’ of Trump Tower, the Russian hacking lie has fallen apart entirely. The WikiLeaks Vault 7 info dumps have shown the world that the CIA has the ability to mimic a Russian attack.

Not only that, but they have been actively developing this and other capabilities for many years- capabilities that would make Trump’s claim much more likely to be true than to be the ravings of an unhinged paranoiac.

Now, the cyber security firm Crowdstrike has reported inaccuracies in one of their key reports used to support the claim the Russian operatives were responsible for hacks suffered by the DNC. The DNC had originally hired Crowdstrike to discover the source of the hacks, and the firm went on to find exactly what they were looking for.

What’s interesting about Crowdstrike’s original report is that they denied the FBI access to their data, just as the DNC denied the investigation bureau access to their servers. So it would appear that the original report from Crowdstrike was intentionally deceptive.

This, of course, totally explodes the theory that Russians hacked the DNC to reveal crimes that, once revealed to the public, cost Hillary Clinton the election. Crowdstrike was the first organization to link the DNC hacks to Russian actors, now their complicity in the deception leaves both the narrative and Trump’s opponents completely without credibility.

But what’s disappointing about this revelation is that the retraction is nowhere nearly as broadly reported on as the original claim, leaving many people still misinformed.
But it bears repeating, at this point, that the DNC never cried foul about any of the damning information that was released as a result of the hacks. They were only bothered by the hacks- which we now know are totally false.

This brings us back to the nature of the things that were revealed via the so-called hacks. These were serious crimes, election fraud, waste, abuse, and more. They were obtained through hostile actions- but not computer hacks.

Most of what was found out was accessed due to the failure of John Podesta to secure his personal phone, which was stolen after he left it in a taxi cab with his password set to “PASSWORD.”

Today, Donald Trump seems to be a bit sluggish in keeping his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton. We hope that it is part of his plan to let the Russian hacking narrative disintegrate completely before he seeks justice.
~ Conservative Zone

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