Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bolsheviks in Berkeley

Berkeley Riots on March 4 Staged by Communist Front Group, 3/7/17, Constitution.com

News reports from the People’s Republic of Berkeley, Ca., on March 4 during the Pro-Trump rally mislabeled the fights which broke out as being between Trump supporters and anti-Trump demonstrators.

But these were not your typical anti-Trump demonstrators as the video below proves. Surveying the footage from the riots at Berkeley on March 4, you will notice professionally made signs and banners with the website RefuseFascism.org popping up in the background.

Just who and what is RefuseFascism.org?  If you are a traditional Democrat, listen carefully.  RefuseFascism.org is a Communist front group and the initiator, or founder, is the unhinged conspiratorial, psycho Sunsara Taylor, who recently appeared on FoxNews with Tucker Carlson. Ms. Taylor is a writer for RevCom.us, which proudly declares itself “The Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA!”

They are the group who, in the name of humanity, would like for America to join them in throwing off the shackles of personal liberty, the free market, Religion (especially Christianity), and private land ownership.  And they would like for you to embrace the murderous Maoist brand of Communism because it worked so well in China, and North Korea, and Venezuela.

And there is much more.  Make sure to watch the video! It is an eye-opener.



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