Wednesday, March 29, 2017

European Wars


For centuries, European countries battled the Huns, the Visigoths, the Vikings, the bubonic plague, the Muslims and each other.


After the fall of the Roman Empire in 400, Europe established the feudal system of government, with Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Castles and pawns. Chess was very popular. The pawns were illiterate, but useful as foot-soldiers, bowmen, serving wenches and agricultural serfs.


The royals liked to have their royal families intermarry to gain military alliances, trade deals and land.  So, it became common for royals in allied countries to marry each other.


It worked reasonably well, but European politics entangled the Catholic Pope to become a “royal” and support the “divine right of kings” hoax. In 1095, the Pope promoted the “Crusades” to take Jerusalem away from the Muslims. The Pope created the “Knights Templar to provide secure banking practices and defense for “Pilgrims” to visit Jerusalem. The Muslims invaded Spain in 711 and attacked France in 719 and Italy in 876.  Europe in 1200, but they were run out of Spain in the 1492. 


In the 1500s, Spanish royals sent Jesuits to America to convert the natives and set up farms. The Portuguese followed up by taking the farms from the natives and enslaving them. The Pope was pressured to approve and he ordered the Jesuits allow it. The Protestant Reformation in the 1500s ended the Catholic monopoly of Europe.


Queen Victoria ruled of Great Britain from 1837 to 1876. She married a German Royal, Prince Albert and they had 9 children, who they married off to run other countries like Russia and Germany


In 1914, Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia, because a Yugoslavian had assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Today, they would have executed the assassin for murder, but instead Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia. 


Serbia had a treaty with Germany, so they entered the war on the side of Austro-Hungary. France had a treaty with Serbia and declared war on Austro-Hungary and Germany. Britain had a treaty with France, so they joined the fray and Russia joined in to fight Germany. The King of Germany and the Russian Czar were brothers and were sons of Queen Victoria. So much for nepotism.  The US provided loans and military equipment to the France and Britain, Germany took over most of the fighting and the war ground into a stalemate.


The US finally entered the war in 1917 with the theme song “Over There”, sent thousands of troops and defeated Germany in 1918. That ended the non-intervention policy of the US.


World War I was devastating to all involved. Woodrow Wilson created the “League of Nations” to prevent future wars, but the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I put Germany in a permanent depression.


World War I also devastated Russia. Russian Communists deposed the Czar, killed the royal family, outlawed private property rights and set up a Communist government. Investors left Russia, leaving them with no private sector and that put Russia in a permanent depression.


In 1936, Adolph Hitler took over Germany to establish his brand of “National Socialism”. Hitler supported private property rights, but ended all other rights. Like the Communists, he set up the State to replace Religion. Hitler’s military build-up was not effectively challenged by neighboring countries and he was able to ally with Mussolini, the Italian socialist leader to begin to plan his conquest of pacifist Europe.


In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria. In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. In 1940 Hitler invaded Belgium, Netherlands and France.  In 1941, Hitler invaded Yugoslavia, Greece and Russia. 


In 1945, Europe was devastated and needed to be rebuilt. The US was untouched and became the manufacturer for the world.


In the 1950s, Europe embraced socialism and was absorbed by the UN creature, the EU in 1989.


In 2013, the Second Muslim invasion of Europe advanced The Syrian war and the Arab Spring destabilization created a migrant population the EU ordered to migrate to all European countries who would take them. This war is coming to a head.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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