Friday, March 17, 2017

LGBT Not Protected Class

The AJC 3/14/17 page 1 reported that the 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals voted 2 – 1 and did not side with a Lesbian plaintiff in her discrimination suit against her former employer. She was a security guard at Georgia Regional Hospital in Savannah GA.


Judges agreed that sexual orientation is not included in the 1964 Civil Rights act and LGBT discrimination is not covered under federal law.


Cases like the $135,000 fine for the bakery for not making a “gay” wedding cake came from a city ordinance and others come from State laws that unwisely jumped ahead of federal law. These anti-discrimination laws should rightly be avoided by States and municipalities. They can be manipulated by plaintiffs to legitimize their “leftist” political agenda aimed at removing “freedom of association” and management rights.


Employers are only interested in maintaining a productive workforce and are obligated to this workforce to direct employee behavior to minimize strife and avoid hiring
criminals and “troublemakers”. Employees are encouraged to “get along” and most workplaces do get along.  But when they don’t, managers need to fire them. 


Georgia is an “employment at will” State, meaning that employers are free to fire employees. It is also a “right to work” State, meaning that they cannot be forced to join a labor union.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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