Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Wars have occurred for centuries for good reasons and bad reasons.  Too many wars were perpetrated by rulers with hidden agendas, while the serfs were forced to fight. 


Legitimate wars occur when foreign invaders arrive to misbehave.  “Just” wars are always defensive actions. Rulers know this and will “spin” the necessity of war as a defensive action.  Often rulers have arranged for false invasions they perpetrated to serve as cover and an excuse for “Expansionist” wars.


Wars can be motivated by the desire to “get stuff”. These wars can be caused by famine and drought.  People in affected areas will wander off looking for food and water and stumble into someone else’s “kingdom’.


Rulers are responsible for protecting the serfs from foreign invasion and abuse.  So, good rulers have always had strong armies to make sure that visitors behave. Those who behave may receive the charity of the people, but those who do not behave have always been deported.  If they resist, they are usually killed.


Attempts to pacify populations always ends in the destruction of those pacifists. That is happening now in Europe.

Good rulers have typically taught the serfs their history and the reasons why defense is needed. They also take actions to help the serfs become self-supporting, prosperous, law-abiding and cautious.

Bad rulers wage predatory wars on others and build monuments to themselves.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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