Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Healthcare Insurance Re-Set

Obamacare should be repealed totally, including regulations, report requirements and taxes.


Healthcare Insurance should return to the same practices we followed before Obamacare.  Consumers should be free to refuse to buy health insurance if they choose.  These would be consumers who don’t own homes and would arrange for payment plans to providers.


For those with homes, they should purchase low cost catastrophic coverage with a high deductible.  If they have heavy bills, they would arrange for payment plans to providers to pay these deductibles.


For those who choose catastrophic plans and can afford to make monthly contributions to their own healthcare savings account, they could save enough to cover their deductible if they incur high medical bills.


For those who choose to remain with their employer’s plans, they will have several choices. 


Changes to Health Insurance laws could include dependent coverage to age 26 and guaranteed coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions and the ability to buy insurance across State lines.


Providers should no longer be required to treat patients who cannot pay for services, but could arrange a payment plan for patients.


Providers should no longer be required to follow Obamacare guidelines.


Malpractice lawsuits should be abolished.


Current Obamacare patients should be offered admittance to Medicaid. Moving the 15 million big spenders to Medicaid would re-energize Medicaid. Doctors and hospitals would want to keep these customers because they spend half of the US Healthcare GDP.


Illegal aliens and refugees should not be eligible for Medicare or Medicaid or any other tax subsidized benefits. That alone could send thousands of illegal families and low skilled refugees headed back to their home countries.


Insurance companies should offer catastrophic coverage options with coverage limits and offer policies with the old $1 million lifetime maximum to encourage lower medical costs. Coverage for charges should require “medical necessity” to “rescue and repair”.  


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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