Monday, March 27, 2017

Shrinking Government


Stupidity isn’t reserved for the coasts. There are many examples of dumb things going on in the “fly-over” States. Fixing it requires a wholesale replacement of most elected officials to be replaced by folks who would cut spending and cut taxes and repeal job-killing, freedom-killing rules and return half of what they do back to the free market private sector.


Voters would prefer to have each law passed or failed on its own merits rather than bundling laws into budget bills or allowing unrelated laws and amendments to be bundled. Legislatures need to change their rules. Special interest groups may object to these reforms because reforms may interfere with creating bad law. Apparently most of those who contribute to political campaigns want this bad law, but citizens don’t.


Our current governing system employs bribery and extortion, but could also be reformed by making campaign contributions by special interests illegal. Campaign contributions should be restricted to voters.  This law would only allow voters to make campaign contributions for candidates on their ballot.  Elected officials would only work for their constituents.


The functions of government should be dictated by the voters. Voters should put “propositions” on the ballot to restrict what government does and should vote to establish priorities.  I would vote for critical infrastructure as the top priority for government.  That would include reservoirs, water availability during droughts, sanitary sewers, water treatment, storm sewers, flood abatement, roads, highways, bridges. These are the most expensive structures to replace and need to be well maintained.


Legislators are currently able to wander outside their intended boundaries. There is no reason for government to spend taxpayer money on a wildlife preserve or public transit or anything else the private sector could do.


Legislators make their own rules and voters should begin to pass “propositions” to revise these rules.  Legislators get raveled up in their own underwear over rules that hide the truth of the Bills they pass. The folks we have been electing to office have wrecked the place.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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